Staff Biographies

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Andrea Herzberg

"The women of SHARE were there for me 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer. I am lucky to have done well, partly because of prolonged treatment and partly because a friend and fellow survivor at my doctor's office led me to SHARE. The personal experiences, wisdom and humor of our community go a long way toward easing the upheaval created by life-threatening illness. It is a gift to now work with volunteers who supply information and encouragement to others affected by the disease that impacted my life so strongly."

Andrea is the Coordinator of SHARE's Ovarian Cancer Helpline.

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Arlene Matlick

"I became involved in SHARE as a volunteer on the breast cancer hotline and quickly learned how valuable, necessary and appreciated a survivor's support is to a newly diagnosed woman. When the corporate Pink and Teal Seminars program was developed, I was invited to participate. I was thrilled to be part of this dynamic program that educates employees in their workplace about breast and ovarian cancers and empowers them to be proactive about their health. This work, and all the work at SHARE, is challenging, but it has a great purpose and is incredibly rewarding!"

Arlene is the Pink and Teal Manager


Beth Kling

"I came to SHARE after answering a job ad several years ago and found a warm, welcoming, and open environment where I was encouraged to contribute to a worthwhile mission. I'm happy to work for an organization that helps people cope at a very difficult time in their lives."

Beth is the Communications Director

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Cheryl Rubin

"My first experience with SHARE was when I came with my friend Sherry after she was diagnosed with breast cancer 17 years ago. Although I was her closest friend, she needed to speak with other women who were facing a cancer diagnosis. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years later, I appreciated the importance of being able to connect with other people who had had cancer. Our friends and family members certainly want to support us, but there is something very valuable that we can get only from another survivor." 

Cheryl has been on the SHARE staff for 15 years and is currently the Director of Operations.

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Christine Benjamin

"I first worked with SHARE as a consultant in cultural competency and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. I was impressed by the many programs, services and support offered by SHARE's dedicated and passionate women. When I was asked to apply for my current position, I felt honored to be considered. Now I feel honored to be a part of such a dynamic organization. My areas of particular interest include programming, training, and support services for women with metastatic disease, BRCA-gene-related cancer and triple-negative breast cancer. As a clinical social worker who has been treated for breast cancer, I hope to build a program that meets the unique needs of women with advanced disease."

Christine is the Breast Cancer Program Director.

Gladys Udewitz

"I learned about SHARE through the American Cancer Society. After participating in support groups and reading SHARE's newsletter, I wanted to become more involved. I became a volunteer nearly four years ago and later a staff member. I am a survivor and a volunteer on the breast cancer hotline. I feel that providing support for women with cancer is extremely important."

Gladys is the Development Assistant at SHARE.


Ivis Sampayo

"I am a proud 18-year survivor of breast cancer. When I joined SHARE many years ago, I was astounded by how focused on survivors it was. As a survivor, I knew I wanted to be a part of SHARE. As Director of the LatinaSHARE Program for several years, I worked with many women affected by breast and ovarian cancer. The idea for SHARE's Novela originated with me, and I am very proud that it has been distributed internationally as well as in the U.S."

Ivis is the Senior Director of Programs at SHARE.


Jackie Reinhard

I knew about SHARE's fine reputation from my work at the Lymphatic Research Foundation, and I learned the value of peer support from my own experience with breast cancer. Once diagnosed, I turned to my best friend, who was also being treated for breast cancer, for advice. Now I feel privileged to lead this organization that is accomplishing so much to support people affected by breast or ovarian cancer."

Jackie is SHARE's Executive Director.

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Jennie Santiago

"I became involved with SHARE as a member of the LatinaSHARE support group in Queens when I was diagnosed 10 years ago. I soon realized how fortunate I was to be bilingual and able to advocate for myself as a patient. Many of the women in the group were native to South America, spoke little or no English, and were in this country alone facing a major health crisis. I began volunteering and was so impressed by LatinaSHARE's efforts to help Hispanic women that I recommended that it be honored at the Annual Gala of the Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County, which recognized LatinaSHARE with a generous donation and an award for community service."

Jennie is a Co-Director of LatinaSHARE.


Maria Estrella

"I am an 11-year breast cancer survivor who became involved with SHARE six years ago through the breast cancer hotline. I am very passionate about my work at LatinaSHARE, and I believe in all the strong women whom SHARE supports."

Maria is a Co-Director of LatinaSHARE.


Marina Mazina 

"I found out about SHARE from my friend Rimma, who called SHARE's hotline after she was diagnosed with gynecological cancer. She received SHARE's newsletter and calendar, and when I was looking for a job, she saw the position of Administrative Assistant posted and called me. I sent my resume and had an interview. That was in 1994. I've worked here ever since, starting as an Administrative Assistant for Programs. Now I am Program Manager at SHARE, organizing and maintaining programs. SHARE has helped me deal with my own health problems— not only with doctors and the medical system in general but also on an emotional level."

Marina is the Program Manager.

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