Grace: Why I Volunteer On Share’s Hotline

Grace: Why I Volunteer On Share’s Hotline

I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1993 and it was a great shock to me. I came to SHARE even before I had my surgery because I needed to talk to someone. Then around 2001, I got back in touch with SHARE to volunteer, and I've been working on the Helpline ever since.

To me it's such a blessing to work on SHARE's Helpline. To be able to convey some hope and peace of mind for that person on the other side of the line -- that's very rewarding for me.

We are able to follow your call from the first conversation to the end of your treatment if that's what you want. I always say to a first-time caller, "You know, I can call you on a weekly basis if you like, as a follow-up call." And many callers find this helpful. What other organization can do that?

This is what makes SHARE unique -- using our own cancer experience to give hope to other women, and reaching out to those with ongoing cancer concerns through follow-up calls.

Honestly, I can't think of a better way to do volunteer work.




  • sydel.e.

  • carmen munoz de pazos

    te amo ,may GOD always bless u for volunteering at SHARE,and out of Share,to all u wonderful women who have gone through this ,U TOO MAY GOD BLESS UR WORK. love u ur sister Carmen

  • Myrna G.

    I'm proud to be your sister. I know you have been of some much help and comfort to so many, including dear friends of mine. God put this in your path and in so doing, He has made you the strong person you are today.

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