Eileen: Blogging About Her Experiences

Eileen: Blogging About Her Experiences

I was diagnosed October 25th, 2005 with an aggressively-growing estrogen-driven breast cancer on my right breast. I had a (big) lumpectomy and a bilateral reduction at the same time, ACT for the chemo and 5 weeks of radiation.

Now I'm on tamoxifen and struggling with the decision to move to aromasin. I gained 30 pounds. I deal with mild lymphedema. I got sick of myself and over the past year, at 51+ with chemo-enforced menopause, I've slowly taken control and have lost 26 pounds.

One of the first people to reach out and help me as my knees were shaking on an hour-to-hour basis, was a wonderful woman who worked with SHARE. I am not always positive and not always happy but I am intent on moving forward and enjoying the life I have now and the life I intend to have in the future.

I've been writing a blog about my experience, called Beany Gets a Blog (click here to read it).

I hope what I write resonates in some small way.