What’s on Your iPod for Chemo? SHARE Staff Picks

Music can be a great help in times of illness or stress. Some SHARE staff and volunteers share the songs that helped them deal with cancer treatment.

Andrea (Ovarian cancer hotline coordinator)

  • Rent: "My daughter and I saw Rent onstage when I was treated. It's music that takes you out of your body."


  • Bach's Mass in B Minor: "It's inspirational and it made me feel joyous when I was down."


  • Lee Ann Womack: "Lee Ann Womack's song 'I Hope You Dance' came out while I was in the middle of chemo and I listened to it a lot as an inspirational song not to give up and sit on the sidelines of your life."

Marjorie (Breast Cancer Helpline Volunteer)

  • Amos Lee, Supply and Demand: "A happy song about life being beautiful and short and making the time count."
  • Dixie Chicks, The Long Way Around: "It's about being a little different; it's self-affirming. It's the Dixie Chicks' version of inner strength; it's their ballad to being themselves."

Ivis (senior director of programs)

  • James Taylor, You've Got a Friend: "I love James Taylor."

  • Flamenco: "Makes me feel like dancing and made me forget I was sick."