Gentle Morning Exercises with Joan Pagano: Video

By Joan Pagano - January 1, 2013

Starting with this month's blog, and for the next nine months, I am going to share a video tip with you on how you can create an active lifestyle, one minute at a time. I will show you easy ways to fit more movement into your day from morning to night, no equipment required. Each vignette is only one to two minutes long.

We begin the series with gentle morning limbering movements on the side of your bed to help ease your body into the physical demands of the day. After being asleep, or at least horizontal for seven or eight hours (hopefully!), it's a good idea to warm up the joints before jumping out of bed. In this segment, we go through the body from head to toe, gradually limbering up and helping you notice any particular areas of tension.

This is first in a series of exercises to help you incorporate regular physical activity into your life to enhance your well-being and ability to function during the time of breast and ovarian cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. During this time and after, the goal of exercise is to manage the side effects of your surgery and treatments with cardio exercise, stretching and strengthening.


Joan Pagano

Joan is author of the best-selling book Strength Training for Women and owner of Joan Pagano Fitness in New York City.