Beads of Love


Writing a check is important, but doing something personal to raise money for a cause is much more rewarding – Shirley, a Helpline volunteer

Shirley Brooks (above, left, with SHARE's Development Director, Maya Iwata) learned to bead through a SHARE Wellness Program and now sells her jewelry to benefit SHARE. "I sit there and make something with my hands," she says in her lilting Jamaican accent. "There's the joy of making it and the joy in the response."

Not only does Shirley donate the money she earns to SHARE, she matches every dollar she earns with a dollar of her own.

After learning how to bead at SHARE, she began to make earrings for friends at church using beads from costume jewelry she picked up at thrift stores. Then it turned out that Mother Mary, the assistant priest in Shirley's Anglican church, was an expert beader. Soon, many of the church ladies were making earrings, bracelets and necklaces using antique beads and semi-precious stones.

"One day, on a whim, I made some earrings and brought them into SHARE. I sold $69 worth and donated the money to SHARE," she says. "I told them it was my project for SHARE Any Week."

SHARE Any Week

is grassroots fundraisers by SHARE community members to benefit the organization.

This year Shirley is donating $220!

"I come here and I feel I am in a safe place. Everyone here, we all have something in common. They have been through it. There is always someone who can tell me what to expect and give hope."

Join Shirley,

and our other participants, friends and supporters to promote awareness and generate support for SHARE, all while having fun!


Shirley, adjusting the beads she made for Cheryl Rubin, SHARE's Director of Operations.




Virginia is a volunteer with SHARE.