Caregivers: Professional Support for “Your People”

I'm not crazy about the word caregiver because it seems so impersonal, and hate it when someone uses the word caretaker in place of caregiver. A caretaker takes care of someone's winter cottage or a cemetery. However, I also dislike the term loved one(s) to describe the person or people in your life that provide care, support, a ride to the doctor, a glass of wine, a telephone call or a shoulder to cry on. Loved one feels too formal or sad because I associate it with words used by funeral directors.

Since I haven't come up with a term to better describe these essential beings, I'll call them "your people." Your people can include your best friend who listens daily to your worries and fears, your partner, your child or your neighbor. Your people could include your sister who lives in another state or a friend who gives you a ride to an appointment now and then. A brother who walks your dog or your mother who you don't share much information with because you don't want her to worry.

SHARE provides a monthly support group for your people right here in NYC. But what about those of you whose people live elsewhere? Or what about the people that attend the support group but could use a bit of extra support? With a generous grant, we are now able to provide your people with that extra support. Have your people call or email me to set up an appointment with Roberta Hufnagel, LCSW. Roberta can see your people in person or talk with them over the phone. Roberta has been facilitating SHARE's telephone support group for women living with metastatic disease for about 30 years. She has a tremendous amount of experience, wisdom and practical insight to help people cope with the circumstances of life.

Call 212-937-5586 or email to schedule an appointment with Roberta Hufnagel.

This group was started by the husband of a young woman living with mets. You can visit Amy's blog here: