Benefits of Walking to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

According to new research from Duke University Medical Center, high cholesterol can increase your risk for breast cancer.  The study found that a byproduct of cholesterol functions like the hormone estrogen to fuel the growth and spread of the most common types of breast cancers. Recommended ways of keeping cholesterol in check include taking statins, following a healthy diet and cardio exercise, like walking.

Another study determined a link between walking and reduced breast-cancer risk in postmenopausal women.  Published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (2013;22 [10], 1906-12) it found that at study completion the most active women had a 25% lower risk of breast cancer than the least active women.

More good reasons to put on your sneakers and go for a walk.  The pedometer is a very useful tool to gauge how many steps you're taking during the course of your day.  Some experts recommend accumulating 10,000 steps during the course of your day, which is roughly 5 miles. It may seem that a goal of 10,000 steps is miles away from your personal reality; but another advantage of the pedometer is that you can set your own goals.  See how many steps you're currently accumulating during the course of your day, and create a goal based on that.  When you've reached the first goal, set another one, and continue to build, step by step.  Tangible progress creates incentive and enhances self-esteem while you're building physical stamina.