Highlights of 2014

The women of SHARE did great things in 2014, sharing their stories and educating the public about breast and ovarian cancers. Check out the awesome things these women did this year!

Desiree Walker Desiree Walker, SHARE Ambassador Regional Coordinator, was honored for her work educating women in African-American communities about breast and ovarian cancers. She was named Woman of the Year by the NAACP Parkchester Branch and was honored by African Women's Cancer Awareness Association (AWCAA).
Lisa Franklin Lisa Franklin, SHARE Ambassador, testified before the NYC City Council about her experience with ovarian cancer and advocated for a resolution declaring September Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in New York City.
Cathy Brown Cathy Brown, SHARE support group participant, appeared on the Today Show and told a national audience how people can help someone facing cancer (Desiree Walker was there, too, and so was SHARE support group member Yoko Katz).
Aiko Brody Japanese Support Group Aiko Brody, SHARE support group facilitator, created a support system for Japanese women facing breast cancer by starting SHARE's first Japanese language support group in 2013. It has been going strong in 2014!
Dr. Stephanie Blank

SHARE Ovarian Cancer Advocates Andrea Herzberg, Gwen Harding-Peets, Judi Gordon, Lorraine Bajada, and Annie Ellis co-authored an article in the journal Gynecologic Oncology with SHARE Board Member Dr. Stephanie Blank, gynecologic oncologist (pictured here), and Dr. Melissa Frey, Gynecologic Oncology Fellow at NYU, as well as Sarah. R. Philips and Julia Jeffries of NYU. The work focuses on communication between doctors and patients, and seeks to help doctors understand what's meaningful for ovarian cancer patients in terms of treatment endpoint goals.

Christine Benjamin SHARE Breast Cancer Program Director Christine Benjamin represented SHARE in its involvement with the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance and made her voice heard with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America on Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day!
Nirka Arias Nirka Arias, SHARE participant, spent the day after her fourth chemo session telling her story about breast cancer to Elle magazine while being fitted for a new wig!
Dr. Susan Love Dr. Susan Love, founder of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, gave a great webinar for SHARE called "The Cost of the Cure," about the many possible side effects of cancer treatment and ways to manage them.
Pat Battle Pat Battle, co-anchor of Weekend Today in New York, told her story about breast cancer before a rapt audience at SHARE's annual A Second Helping of Life tasting event, helping us to raise funds to continue our vital programs. 
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