Ivy Mix And Lynnette Marrero: Unique Contributors To Share


When and how did you get involved with SHARE?

We got involved through Melanie Young in 2012. She has worked with SHARE for many years on their tasting event, A Second Helping of Life, and she turned to SHARE to help her manage breast cancer. She told us how incredible the organization is.

In what ways have you been involved with SHARE?

We have raised over $118,000 for SHARE through Speed Rack, an all-female bartending competition that raises money for breast cancer research, education, and prevention.

How has SHARE helped you?

Share is a wonderful organization that echoes our sentiment of women helping women. SHARE has always made themselves available to help Speed Rack promote the event.

What is your 40th anniversary wish for SHARE?

Happy 40th! Thank you for the support you give to women who are faced with such a difficult time in their lives. Thank you for the hard work.



Beth Kling

Beth Kling is the former Communications Director at SHARE.