Shirley Brooks: Share Ambassador To Jamaica


When and how did you first get involved with SHARE?

After having surgery for breast cancer in 2004, I met Ilene Winkler, who was the Hotline Coordinator, at a breast cancer program, and she encouraged me to volunteer at SHARE. I have been involved with SHARE since 2006.

In what ways have you been involved with SHARE?

I started at SHARE stuffing envelopes, licking stamps, shredding papers, and making phone calls. After attending lectures and conferences and gaining confidence, I started doing outreach. I later became a Helpline volunteer and got involved with advocacy. Now I am a SHARE Ambassador, educating women about breast and ovarian cancers, especially the women of my homeland, Jamaica. I work as a SHARE Ambassador at the Jamaican Consulate. When I go to Jamaica to visit, I attend support groups at the Jamaican Cancer Society and give the participants information about breast cancer.

How has SHARE helped you?

SHARE has equipped me with much knowledge about breast cancer and has offered much support, which has enabled me to act as an advocate for women. I have lobbied in Washington and have gone to Albany on behalf of women who needed help with lymphedema.

What is your 40th Anniversary wish for SHARE?

First, I wish for SHARE to continue its important work of supporting people with breast or ovarian cancer. And I wish that help to SHARE will continue through generous contributions from people who will give of their time, their talent and also their treasure.


Melissa Sakow