Announcing New Online Support Offerings

SHARE is excited to announce its partnership with HealthUnlocked, the social network for health!

There are 2.8 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S. (including 155,000 women living with metastatic breast cancer), and approximately 195,000 with ovarian cancer in the United States alone. Through its partnership with HealthUnlocked, SHARE will offer three online support communities for people with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and metastatic breast cancer, to enable them share their experiences, support one another, and connect in a worldwide virtual community.

These communities are an extension of the support services SHARE already provides, and as always, SHARE volunteers, are at its core. Breast, ovarian, and metastatic peers are already plugged into these communities to offer personal support, just like they do on the helpline.

How it Works


On each community’s home page, users can write posts that ask for advice, tips, or encouragement about a particular issue they’re facing in their treatment. Or, they can offer up suggestions for resources they’ve found helpful, breakdowns of new treatment options or research, or a simple greeting to let the other community members know they’re cared for.

Volunteers who are committed to connecting with members of the group and posting relevant content are especially essential in the beginning stages of these communities. But part of what makes online social groups so special is that as former strangers get to know each other through posts and replies, all members feel invested in caring for one another, creating an organic and mutually supportive community of people who know what they’re going through.

More about HealthUnlocked

Online cancer support groups have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and HealthUnlocked makes it easier than ever to connect with other patients and survivors and find relevant information. Joining a community on the site is simple and 100% anonymous. There are no advertisements, and there is no spam. Instead, the site offers suggestions of content or connections that are relevant to people at different stages of their cancer experiences.

HealthUnlocked currently has 4 million visitors per month and 450,000 members on the various communities that they host-- meaning SHARE can now support more women with breast and ovarian cancer than ever.

Interested in joining?

It's easy to join the community-- we promise.

That's it!

We're so excited to be able to offer a safe, welcoming space for women to get the support and information they need online. See you there!