New Telephone Support Group for Women Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

SHARE is pleased to offer a new telephone support group for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

This group is for women of all ages who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer. It is facilitated by Rebecca Coyle, a trained breast cancer peer. Join us! Call the breast cancer helpline at 844.ASK.SHARE (844.275.7427) to register. You'll receive instructions then about how to participate.

For the dates of this group, please click here.

Below, our facilitator Rebecca shares a bit about herself:

"My story about getting healthy started in 2009 when I decided one day I wanted to be a runner. For the most part, I was already pretty healthy but wanted to try something new. I signed up for a marathon and then half and I was hooked.  In 2010, I decided to set a New Year’s resolution to do an event every month or 12 events to help me set manageable goals and hold myself accountable. For my second event, I ran a race in Jacksonville, FL and turns out it was a fundraiser for breast cancer.  At the starting line, I met a survivor. I asked her how she did it, how she survived cancer because surviving cancer seemed so foreign to me and I didn’t know many survivors.  She told me she ran every day through her treatments. As she continued to share her story, I  thought if I ever have to go through that…I hope I’m in a position to run too.  Unfortunately, my time came just a few months later.  June 4, 2010 at age 35, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and found out that I was BRCA 2+.  I stuck to my plan of doing an event every month.  At the end of 2010, I not only survived breast cancer but I completed my goal, 12 events in 12 months.  Turns out, exercising during treatment helped me stay positive during a difficult time and helped with some of the side effects from treatment and surgery.

Today, I continue to run and be active.  I try to give back like what the survivor I met  at that race gave to me, hope. I work with newly diagnosed women and help them understand they don't have to give up what they love to do just because they have cancer and most importantly, they're not alone.  I also work with researchers to understand the patient perspective.  I didn't expect to get breast cancer early in life but it did provide me opportunities to learn about the disease and help others."