SHARE Women Featured in Story About BRCA Mutations

Ovarian Cancer Helpline Coordinator Andrea Herzberg taking a Helpline call.

Manhattan newspaper Chelsea Now recently ran a story about women who discovered they had a BRCA mutation and how they chose to take preventative action-- or what they decided to do instead. Featured in the story are SHARE's own Breast Cancer Program Director Christine Benjamin, who was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer at age 36 and later found she had an abnormal BRCA1 gene, Ovarian Helpline Coordinator Andrea Herzberg, who had been treated for late stage ovarian cancer before finding she has the BRCA2 mutation, and Deborah Polinsky, a SHARE ovarian cancer support group facilitator and patient advocate living with the BRCA1 mutation. Each of these women had different responses to discovering their increased risk. Read the full story about their experiences, and how you can make informed decisions around your own genetic risk, here. 

Want to learn more about the BRCA mutations? Click here for a short video!