Meet the 2018 Recipient of SHARE’S Anne Grant Advocacy Leadership Award: Empire Dragons NYC

We are pleased to honor Empire Dragons NYC (accepted by co-founder and Board President Donna Wilson) with the 2018 Anne Grant Advocacy Leadership Award at the 15th anniversary of A Second Helping of Life! Get tickets to the event here.

Donna Wilson

With 50 years of experience in health care as a nurse, Donna Wilson is a true veteran of the industry. She was a pulmonary clinical nurse specialist for several years, until she eventually moved to her current position as a clinical fitness specialist for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Here, she acts as a nurse and personal trainer for both cancer patients and health care professionals.
Outside of her work as a nurse, Ms. Wilson is a very proud founding member and captain of the Empire Dragon Boat Team.

Founded in 2009 by Ms. Wilson, James Lozada, and Jennifer Merendino, Empire Dragons NYC is New York City's first and only breast cancer survivor team comprised of members from throughout the tri-state area. In addition, the Empire Dragons are one of over 150 breast cancer survivor teams worldwide that serve to promote the sport of dragon boating as part of a healthy lifestyle and provide a unique support for those fighting cancer.

Empire Dragons NYC is an active member of the IBCPC, International Breast Cancer Paddler's Commission. They are a competitive racing team, participating in up to six dragon boat festivals in the northeastern United States and Canada each season.
Empire is dedicated to empowering women to survive and thrive beyond cancer. They work to improve the environment in which we all live, as well as promoting exercise and nutrition as a means toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

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