Announcing My MBC & Me: A Metastatic Breast Cancer App


SHARE is excited to announce the launch of mobile iOS app My MBC & Me, designed to empower people with metastatic breast cancer and improve communication and decision-making with their doctors. Download here or visit to have a link sent to your iPhone.

My MBC & Me is a mobile iOS app that empowers people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) to better manage their treatment and communication with their care team. It provides disease and treatment information and tracks appointments, medication, treatment history, side effects, and symptoms. A questionnaire helps users outline their priorities and goals to refine treatment choices and their information processing and communication style. My MBC & Me allows users to upload and pin their research, notes, voice memos, and questions directly to calendar appointments, promoting more productive doctor appointments and enhanced patient self-advocacy.

Key Features:

  • My Story: Reflect on your needs and help your doctors understand your life as a whole
  • My Schedule: See your appointments, treatments and symptoms by month
  • My Notes: Identify treatment goals, log research and questions, and attach them to your appointments so you never forget something you want to discuss
  • My Treatments: See your medications and side effects so you can more accurately report them to your doctor

My MBC & Me Icon

Visit to learn more about My MBC & Me or download the iPhone app today!