Metastatic Breast Cancer Clinical Trials: How Do You Decide?

Metastatic Breast Cancer Clinical Trials: How Do You Decide?

Clinical Trials for Metastatic Breast Cancer with My MBC & Me

At SHARE, we want to stand by your side from the very beginning of your cancer experience. We exist to support women and their loved ones throughout their diagnosis, treatment and beyond. That’s why we created our new app, My MBC & Me, as a tool for those facing metastatic breast cancer to make life a little bit easier during a difficult time.

We know how life-changing it is to receive a cancer diagnosis. There is endless information out there and it can be hard to sift through it all to discover what path will be right for you. Choosing a treatment for breast cancer can be overwhelming. One patient with metastatic breast cancer that SHARE has worked with found she met eligibility criteria for over 70 clinical trials! How was she to choose?

Seeing a clear breakdown of what matters most is helpful when sorting through one's treatment options. The My Story feature on My MBC & Me is a questionnaire that will help you reflect on important aspects of your own life and goals. Questions cover home life, work schedules, activities, transportation, decision-making, goals, treatment options, and coping tools. Through these questions, you'll create a personal profile that will help you understand the important aspects of your life that may be impacted by treatment.

A clinical trial, more or less, is just a research study. There are hundreds of clinical trials testing new treatments or treatment combinations for women with metastatic breast cancer. There are clinical trials testing targeted therapies, hormonal therapies, chemotherapies, immunotherapies, and more; for various genetic mutations; and for various subtypes of breast cancer including triple negative breast cancer, which lacks many approved, effective treatments.

Many people who have just been diagnosed with cancer believe that clinical trials are reserved only for when all other standard treatments have failed. In fact, far from being a last resort, clinical trials can sometimes be a good first-line treatment option. Participating in some treatments can make patients ineligible for promising clinical trials later on: to get an accurate picture of the impact of the drug being studied, researchers often narrow the pool of potential participants to exclude patients who have had other kinds of treatments, including standard of care treatments. That's why it's important to discuss with your doctor at the beginning of treatment whether participating in a clinical trial is right for you.

By filling out My Story on My MBC & Me, users will have the opportunity to reflect on their needs and priorities before it's time to make a decision about treatment. It includes questions like:

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My MBC & Me encourages users to jot down notes which can be linked to doctor appointments within the calendar, triggering reminders at the time of the appointment. When you’re able to better articulate your goals and experiences to your physicians, it translates to more productive doctor appointments, where time is often limited.

There is so much to keep organized, so many thoughts bouncing around, so many options and a multitude of research - it can all feel overwhelming. My MBC & Me is here to help you sort all of your notes, your questions and your concerns, keeping everything handy so you can focus on all of the important things in life and make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

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