New SHARE Cancer Support Logo/Branding!

We hope you are inspired by SHARE’s new logo!  It debuts July 5, 2023, and will now serve as the official mark of our brand. The introduction of our new logo reflects months of work exploring our heritage, as well as what we as an organization now mean to our staff, Ambassadors, volunteers, Board members, partner organizations, and most importantly the people we serve.

The logo is just the first element you will see of SHARE’s exciting brand refresh. We are pleased to share with you that PRECISIONeffect, one of the world’s leading healthcare marketing agencies has spearheaded an entirely pro bono multi-faceted initiative to help us develop a new, easily navigable website, (currently under construction) an amazing brand campaign featuring members of our SHARE community, (which will launch this fall) and an insightful new approach to our digital strategy that is already underway.

We have been tremendously fortunate to work with a company of PRECISIONeffect’s caliber and could not be more appreciative of all the effort and heart they have put into helping us bring a new vision for our SHARE brand to life!

We recently got together with Deborah Lotterman, PRECISIONeffect’s Chief Creative Director to get her perspective on this exceptional project.

Deborah explained, “We wanted to partner with an advocacy organization that was doing amazing work in the oncology space, and that was SHARE!  Our team saw the potential to help you expand your reach, and help you crystalize your promise to the people you serve by refreshing the brand.”

“We are so proud of the work that we did with SHARE by working so closely together, to come to the message of amplifying the voices of those you serve.  It should give you the foundation to get to your next level!” Deborah concluded.

Thank you to everyone at PRECISIONeffect and the SHARE community who put so much work into making this project a success.

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