Advocating for Better Outcomes: Ovarian Cancer and You

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Many parts of your life can affect your health and your cancer risk. Things like your race, ethnicity, where you live, and your finances matter. Even so, how can you get the health care you need and lower your cancer risk? What should you and your family do if you need to speak up?

Join this special talk about knowing your risk, ovarian cancer care, and ways we can speak up to improve our health. We will hear from two experts from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) and SHARE:

  • Dr. Ying Liu is an MSK gynecologic (GY-neh-kuh-LAH-jik) oncologist and clinical geneticist. She is a cancer doctor with special training in the female body and health problems passed from parent to child. Dr. Liu will share what you need to know about ovarian cancer risk. She will talk about how genetic testing and clinical trials can make a difference in surviving ovarian cancer.
  • Lydia Gonzalez is an ovarian cancer survivor. She will share her own story of being diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer. Lydia will also offer her advice on better advocating for your health care needs.

This webinar will be provided in English and Spanish.

dr-ying-liuDr. Ying Liu, an MSK gynecologic oncologist and clinical geneticist
lydia_gonzalezLydia Gonzalez, ovarian cancer survivor


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Thursday, 5-6pm ET
Apr 18

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