On “Supernanny”: A Mom Dies of Breast Cancer

The TV show Supernanny is my secret addiction. I love seeing Supernanny Jo Frost sweep in and fix dysfunctional families in an hour. But last week’s show about Gary Evans and his three little boys trying to cope after the death of wife and mom Jennifer left me in tears, seeing six-year-old Michael hiding under his bed crying “to me, this is the end of the world.”

My Cancer Flashbacks: What Are Yours?

We’ve all had similar experiences: One of our senses sets off a memory surge that whooshes us into the past like a time machine — a song that makes us feel again the flush of first love, a fragrance that whisks us back to childhood.

My Bosom: A Work in Progress

When I had my bilateral mastectomy, I was sent home from the hospital with a couple of beige nylon sacs stuffed with cotton fluff. These were my new breasts. They looked like potatoes.

Avastin: Breast Cancer Drug or NOT? Testimony to ODAC

In July, I testified against the use of Avastin as a first-line treatment for metastatic breast cancer. I was representing SHARELeaders at a public meeting of the Oncology Drug Advisory Committee (ODAC), which advises the FDA on whether or not to approve drugs for cancer treatment.

Yes– You Really Can Help Cure Breast Cancer

We often read about exciting research breakthroughs in understanding cancer. These breakthroughs have to be further refined in the lab and then tested in real women in properly supervised “clinical trials”. Real women of all types are needed for these tests – whether you have had breast cancer or not, all races and nationalities, all ages – as large and diverse a pool as possible.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

A breast cancer diagnosis of “triple negative” can leave you—as it did me—feeling helpless and clueless. The received wisdom is that Triple Negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a particularly threatening cancer type for which there is seldom a good outcome. But as usual, received wisdom is not the whole truth.

Elizabeth: Stage I Invasive Carcinoma

My name is Elizabeth Thornhill, and I have been a mammographer at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York for 14 years and worked at the Breast Examination Center of Harlem for the past 6 years.

My journey started in 2011. I went for my yearly mammogram at the same mammography facility that I have gone to for years.

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