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To “C” Or Not To “C:” Can High Dose Vitamin “C” Impact Side Effects of Chemotherapy?

by Vicky Rego, Breast Cancer Helpline Coordinator

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Breast Cancer Options Integrative Medicine conference at SUNY New Paltz, where there were several workshops discussing topics such as risk and recurrence reduction, medical marijuana in treatment and care, a report back from San Antonio lead by Dr. Sheldon Feldman, stress reduction, nutrition, the financial impact of cancer, and moving beyond BRCA genetic testing.

Financial Toxicity and Cancer

This post was written by Teri Pollastro.

Over the last several years we have heard about precision medicine, payment reform and patient-centered care. While I was at ASCO this year, I heard a new buzz word; financial toxicity. The phenomenon of financial toxicity has been whispered about for years.