Pamela’s Story: Stage IC Ovarian Cancer

I was recently diagnosed with stage IC ovarian cancer and would love to share my story. My story is rare in the fact that I found the cancer at stage IC and I am a firm believer that having things checked and listening to your body saved my life. Thank you for listening.

Maymay’s Story: Self-Care Tips from an Ovarian Cancer Caregiver

In March 2017, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and my life inevitably changed from that point onwards. Looking back, I can almost draw a line and split my life into two parts: the first part, where I never really knew much about cancer and how it can affect your life, and the second part, where a completely different lifestyle consumed me, with the impact of cancer on relationships, work, and finances.

Randalynn: Ovarian Cancer Treatment is Over

At 36 years old, a part-time single mom of two young children, the last thing Randalynn saw coming was a cancer diagnosis, let alone one with “ovarian” in front of it. Knowing she would have been doing women a lot of injustice if she didn’t use her voice to tell her story and create awareness around this deadly disease that whispers, she has used social media and her blog as a platform to do both things, along with creating a sense of community for ovarian cancer survivors around the globe.

Rosemary: Trusting Her Intuition

My hope in sharing my story is to encourage women to trust their intuition and act on it when something doesn’t seem right with their body--even when symptoms might be brushed off by the medical experts, like physicians assistants & even some physicians.

Barbara: Breast And Ovarian Cancer Survivor

I always knew that someday I would hear the words "you have cancer." My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44 in 1973, and was treated by having a radical mastectomy. She looked like the famous NY Times magazine cover. The following year she had a reoccurrence in the remaining breast tissue and at that time went through radiation.

Annie: How I Manage Ovarian Cancer

On the morning of my birthday in December 2003, I looked into the mirror and thought to myself, "Damn, forty looks good on me!" Six months later I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

I had symptoms for nine months and never thought that it could be cancer.