Six Cancer Memoirs

“Write what you know.” It’s Rule No. 1. So when writers get cancer, they write about it. Here are a few of my favorite first-hand cancer accounts.

Finding an LGBT Friendly Doctor

In my previous posts, I discussed my own experiences as a lesbian with breast cancer, and the differences in cancer risk and screening recommendations for the LGBT population (including ovarian cancer). So, now that you know all of that, and if you’re a member of the LGBT community or have friends or family who are, how do you go about finding a culturally competent doctor so you can get that screening or treatment and be treated with dignity and respect while doing so?

Ovarian Cancer in the LGBT Community

Breast cancer increases a woman’s risk for developing ovarian cancer, and LGBT folks who have had breast cancer need to be especially proactive – not because of any innate extra risk, but because we are less likely, as a group, to benefit from known factors that reduce risk.

Carmen’s Story

We regret to announce that Carmen Diaz passed away on Saturday, January 10, after an 11-year struggle with ovarian cancer. We miss her terribly.

Lisa: Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

SHARE is deeply saddened by the loss of Lisa Franklin to Stage IV ovarian cancer on June 24, 2015. Lisa died peacefully at her home, surrounded by her loving family. This profile, which shows her relentless efforts to make all women aware of the symptoms and risk of ovarian cancer, was posted shortly after she learned of her recurrence.

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