Pink and Teal Seminars FAQs

A Pink and Teal seminar is a free, corporate presentation about breast and ovarian cancer awareness that can be held in your office.

Through the unique perspective of healthy survivors, employees learn how to become advocates for their own good health and the well-being of their families. Information includes symptoms, risks, risk reduction, diagnosis, screening, good doctor patient communication and much more. Our speakers dispel myths and bring the fear level down a notch. Employees also have the opportunity to ask questions and at the end of the program, they are motivated to be proactive while in good health and especially in the event of a health crisis.

Any of your employees, colleagues or clients (men and women) are welcome to attend.

A Pink and Teal Seminar runs a full hour including Q and A.

Although lunchtime is the most popular time requested, we can offer a seminar at whatever time works best for your office. Seminars are offered year round, Monday through Friday.

We only need a conference room or space large enough to accommodate the attendees. Although some companies do provide lunch or other refreshments, there is no requirement to do so. We do not need any special equipment although you may consider videoconferencing a live seminar to employees at other sites.

All attendees will receive a Pink and Teal booklet designed to accompany the presentation. It is an excellent resource tool and is edited by several doctors and updated and published by SHARE annually.

Like all of SHARE's services, a Pink and Teal Seminar is free.

Please call Arlene Matlick, Director, Pink and Teal Seminars, at (212) 221-1593 or email her at to schedule a seminar or to request more information.

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