Science and Advocacy with SHARE Leaders

SHARE Leaders learn about science and then use their knowledge to advocate for high quality breast cancer research and treatment.

Who are SHARE Leaders?

SHARE Leaders are breast cancer survivors who have completed at least one of the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund's Project LEAD courses and who continue to learn through monthly meetings at SHARE.

The Project LEAD courses are sophisticated yet accessible introductions to basic science and quality care. They last several days and take place in different cities.

Scholarships are often available.

What do SHARE Leaders do?

SHARE Leaders continue our peer education at monthly meetings in New York. We bond while learning and learn while bonding.

We offer presentations on issues and controversies such as:

  • Causes of breast cancer
  • Best clinical practices
  • New ways to target treatments
  • New information about specific drugs
  • Complementary treatments

We reach outside of SHARE, too, by:

  • Advocating and educating before regulatory agencies and with elected officials
  • Participating on scientific review panels for funding research and approval of drugs and other treatments
  • Testifying before FDA committees
  • Attending medical conferences, including the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)
  • Sitting on advisory panels at pharmaceutical companies
  • Providing the educated patient perspective at conferences and workshops nationally and internationally

SHARE Leaders have played pivotal roles in changing the way drugs are approved by government for general use, and in advancing new treatments based on scientific breakthroughs.

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