Let’s Talk About It: Ovarian Cancer

Women with ovarian cancer can join Julie Larson, LCSW and peers via video or phone to talk about topics such as "The Power of Traditions" (November 10), and "What’s On Your Mind?" (December 8).

November 10: The Power of Traditions

The holiday season can be a time marked by family and seasonal traditions. Traditions can be comforting and centering in a way that helps us hold onto a sense of normalcy. But this time can also feel hard when the changes in your health seem more obvious compared to other times. Join us as we talk together about embracing the holiday season with awareness for all the ways you might experience the weeks ahead.

December 8: What’s On Your Mind?

During this special year end group we want to hear from you! Share with us the mental health questions you have from along your personal survivorship journey. Are you seeking strategies for communicating with others? A better understanding of when to talk with a mental health professional? Strategies for getting a better night’s rest or taming anxiety? Please submit your comments and questions in advance and we will work to respond to you in informative ways that are responsive to where we find you today.



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Wednesdays, 1-2:30pm ET
November 10
December 8

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