Let’s Talk About It: Uterine Cancer

New Uterine Program!

Women with uterine cancer can join Leah Hamel, LCSW and peers via video or phone to talk about “Ways to Cope with the Holidays and Special Gatherings.”

November 18: Ways to Cope with the Holidays and Special Gatherings

The holiday season can be stressful and exhausting for anyone, but for someone newly diagnosed, in treatment or post-treatment, this time of the year can be extremely challenging. Attending other social gatherings with family and friends can present challenges as well. Expectations of being or looking like the person you were before your cancer diagnosis can have an impact on your decision to attend these events or your interactions during these events. Additionally, the financial strain that cancer patients often face can make gift giving during the holidays another source of stress. Learn how to cope with these issues, and many more, and make holidays and special gatherings with your friends and families more meaningful.



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Thursday, 1-2:30pm ET
November 18

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