Let's Talk About It: Uterine Cancer (Cancer Treatment Burnout)

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Individuals with uterine cancer can join via video or phone to talk about topics such as, "Cancer Treatment Burnout ".

Dealing with all the many facets of cancer treatment, including surveillance care, testing and side effect management, can be overwhelming and lead to treatment fatigue. Join us on September 25 as we talk honestly about feelings of cancer treatment burnout, and explore strategies for caring for ourselves over the long term. We will discuss helpful strategies we can use to cope one day at a time. Let’s Talk About It!

These conversations with Leah are not recorded because this is a safe space created for those diagnosed with uterine cancer to connect, learn, and heal.

Leah_Hamel_headshotLeah Hamel, LCSW


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Wednesday, 12-1:30pm ET
Sep 25

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