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This is Our MBC Life. A podcast dedicated to exploring life with metastatic breast cancer from the perspective of us, the people living with this disease and the experts who partner with us to help make our lives better. Brought to you by SHARE Cancer Support where we believe no one should face MBC alone.

Road to a Cure: What It Means to Us

One of the first questions a newly diagnosed cancer patient usually asks is: “Will I die from this disease?” The very first question a newly diagnosed metastatic patient asks is: “How long do I have?”

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. It is estimated that over 44,000 will die from breast cancer this year. Simply put, 116 of our MBC brothers and sisters will die today, tomorrow, and the day after. These numbers are grim and they have not changed dramatically in the last 20 years.

In this episode, we sit down with a group of the Our MBC Life co-hosts and friends of the podcast to discuss what it means to live with an incurable disease and consider the possibility of a cure.

MBC Around the World

Without the jetlag, we had great conversations with Vesna Zic-Cote, Advisory Board Member of Canada’s RETHINK Breast Cancer, Aiko Brody of Japanese SHARE, Dr. Rania Azmi of Kuwait’s Fadia Survive and Thrive Cancer Association, Rod Ritchie of Breast Cancer Network Australia, Chris Chukwunyere of Nigeria, Lesley Kailani Glen of Project Life & Kenya’s Faraja Cancer Support, and Jo Taylor of METUPUK.

Everyone here at the pod is sending out love during this month of October. It can be tough, we know, for so so many reasons. We have more than a little love in our heart for you.

Trailblazers of Charlotte

Our first stop on Trailblazer on the Road is Go Jen Go. We spoke with the late Jen Pagani’s husband Joe, who shared Jen’s story and her amazing legacy. Susan Sears, the Executive Director of Go Jen Go, explained how this one person is making an impact on those in the Charlotte area who have encountered financial difficulty while living with cancer.

We were also joined by Maren Coffman, PhD, RN, CNE, Associate Professor at UNC Charlotte, and a member of the Charlotte Metsters Support Group, as well as Lynn Erdman, Executive Director of Carolina Breast Friends. This organization was born from the desire of one woman, Kristy Adams-Ebel, to speak with others who were going through breast cancer like her. While Kristy passed in 2006, her legacy lives on.

Relationships and Intimacy

To start this season off right we have real conversations about the stuff we don't talk much about - relationships and intimacy while living with MBC. Co-hosts Lisa Laudico and Natalia Green speak with fellow Co-host, Deltra James about how she is looking for something new, with Tim & Dione who navigated their early dating when Dione was diagnosed with MBC, and with Brittney Beadle who was diagnosed with MBC at 18 and who now at 26 is in a loving relationship of her own. Lisa & Natalia then speak with Dr. Kelly Shanahan, ObGyn & leading MBC advocate, along with Dr. Don Dizon, Professor of Medicine at Brown University and a medical oncologist specializing in breast and pelvic malignancies, and survivorship as it pertains to sexual health. This episode also has a very informative session with Dr. Jordan Rullo, PhD, AFPP is a Board Certified Clinical Health Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist (AASECT) & adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Utah. If you ever wanted to have some time with a sex therapist look no further.

A Dash of Joy Summer Bonus

Need a dash of Joy in your day? Join Dar as she takes us on a joyful journey. Dar's Dash of Joy airs the last Friday of each month along with our Trailblazer episode. So on this final Friday of July we have a special bonus episode to share with all of you. And be sure to check out our all of Trailblazer episodes. Season 3 starts Sept. 20.

A Conversation with Shirley Mertz

This is a very special summer bonus episode with MBC Advocate and friend of the podcast Shirley Mertz. Shirley joined us earlier in the season in “Policy and the Power of Patient Advocacy.” She could have been on any number of episodes including “Searching for Unicorns” as Shirley is nearing two decades living with MBC. Our conversation with her was full of stories, advice, laughs, and remembrances. Please join us for our full conversation with Shirley.

Report Back from ASCO: What’s The Latest in Metastatic Breast Cancer

Are you living with ER+/HER2- or TNBC MBC and tired of hearing about new HER2 therapies and wondering when it will be your turn? This podcast is for you. Welcome to this bonus episode of Our MBC Life. The 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting was held during the first week of June. After the meeting SHARE welcomed Dr. Timothy Pluard, University of Missouri-KC School of Medicine, to a webinar highlighting promising data from trials and labs across the globe presented at this year’s meeting.

Twisted Pink and a Dash of Joy

We are ending season 2 on a positive note with a dash of joy from Dar Finkelstein and a conversation with our Trailblazer of the Month, Caroline Johnson, founder of Kentucky-based non-profit organization Twisted Pink, whose sole mission is to raise funds for MBC.

MBC & the LGBTQ2S+ Community

Join us for our discussion on the LGBTQ2S+ community and MBC. Co-host Natalia Green moderates a panel with Bob DeVito and Rainy Orteca, two guests living with MBC, who are also part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. We also have the co-founder of Queering Cancer, Dr. Evan Taylor, and Kimiko Tobimatsu, Canadian human rights lawyer and an award-winning graphic novelist whose book.

Facing Mortality

In April of 2021, a prominent clinical psychologist Dr Anne Kane joined SHARE’s Program Project Manager Deb Hackenberry to discuss the implications of facing mortality while also living as Dr Kane says: fully, richly, and deeply as possible. This episode is an audio version of the webinar about a very real, yet seldom discussed issue.

The Magic of Palliative Care: Our Stories

Want to know why we call it “magic?” Hear from people living with MBC about their experiences. While they all agree and encourage others to seek Palliative Care they also are aware of the barriers to access. Our guests cover it all. And it gets real.

Project Life and A Dash of Joy

“It is very important for us who are living with MBC to be able to go to a place where we know it’s safe to just be who we are.” This month’s Trailblazer is Project Life, a virtual wellness house that recently set up residence in cyberspace. The co-hosts Victoria Goldberg and Dar Finkelstein speak with the founder and CEO, Leslie Glenn, and its COO, Jackie Seiner, about the origin of the project, MBC wellness and survivorship.

Introducing the BECOME Project & Survey

This month we have focused on quality-of-life issues and this episode is part one of a two part series on the “Magic of Palliative Care.” At times the term “palliative care” is misunderstood, so we also use a newer term, “supportive care,” to better explain how this care supports your quality of life as you go through MBC treatment. We first turn our focus to the medical providers who help us manage symptoms and treatment side effects and, by doing so, improve multiple aspects of our lives.

Introducing the BECOME Project & Survey

The MBC Alliance asks the question “How can we ensure Black people are better represented in cancer research? Finding the answer starts with patient voices.” The BECOME Project is positioned to do just that. BECOME project lead Stephanie Walker and committee member Sheila Fuhs join Lisa Laudico to talk about the important initiative and how YOU can get involved.

The Healing Power of Writing - Live Readings

Following up from last week’s episode, April Stearns, Editor of Wildfire Magazine, writer and psychotherapist, Erin Weiss, and the poet and writer Ilene Kaminsky, are joining us today for a special bonus episode of readings from the Wildfire magazine community. These readings were given throughout this past year of isolation through Zoom events that brought our very special community together. So grab your walking shoes, or sit down in a comfy chair with a glass of something fun, and enjoy the lovely bits of prose floating into your ears from each of these writers.

The Healing Power of Writing

During Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to take a deep dive into the healing power of writing for those in the MBC community. In this episode, we speak about the writing process with the founder and editor of the Wildfire Magazine writing community, April Stearns, a writing workshop participant & psychotherapist Erin Weiss, and poet and writer Ilene Kaminsky.

Like all good writing - we laugh, we cry, and we get inspired.

Advocacy from a Legislator’s Perspective - Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz

Following our episode on policy and the power of patient advocacy, we felt it important to hear from someone on the receiving end of our advocacy work. Specifically, we wanted to speak with Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz, a breast cancer survivor herself and someone who has worked hard for more than a decade on laws to help Americans impacted by breast cancer. We were joined by Metavivor Stage IV Stampede Florida captain Abigail Johnston, who is an inspirational advocate in her own right. Also joining us is Maimah Karmo, President of the Tigerlilly Foundation, speaking about her friendship and work with Rep. Wasserman Shultz over the years.

April Trailblazer & A Dash of Joy

Have you ever asked yourself if Wonder Woman was real? Ask no more. She lives and her name is Jamil Rivers. Jamil was diagnosed with MBC at age 39. She is a mother of three, a caregiver, board president of METAvivor and if that’s not enough, she has recently embarked on a new venture—The Chrysalis Initiative. Also in this episode is a Dash of Joy from Our MBC Life’s own Dar Finkelstein. Dar is committed to living a life of joy and she shows us all how to do it. An episode full of hope, inspiration and joy.

Policy and the Power of Patient Advocacy

It does not take long after a diagnosis of MBC to see that policies and legislation have a tremendous impact on the resources that are available. In this episode, Our MBC Life is joined by patient advocates who make it their mission to cause change.

MBC & Latinx Issues

Co-host Natalia Green and her sister, Carla, share their experiences as patients and caregivers. They explore MBC issues and experiences in the Latinx community along with Oncologist Dr. Mabel Mardones and Sara Carbajal-Salisbury, executive director of Alliance Community Services.

A Conversation with Judy Perkins

Judy Perkins joins co-host Victoria Goldberg to share her incredible story. She is a unicorn and clinical trial success. Judy tells the whole story--the good, the bad, the joyful, the difficult, the grief, and the friendship.

Clinical Trials: The Patient Perspective Part 2

In part 1, Our MBC Life outlined the challenges and barriers to clinical trial recruitment. Now in Part 2, we explore solutions with patient advocates and medical professionals who are working to find ways forward.

Trailblazer and Dash of Joy

Welcome to Our MBC Life’s Trailblazer of the month: 305 Pink Pack in Miami, Florida. Rosemary Carrera joins host Victoria Goldberg to talk about her story, starting Pink Pack, and how she discovered the unique needs of people living with metastatic disease.

Clinical Trials: The Patient Perspective Part 1

What is it like to try and find a clinical trial as a patient? What are the challenges and hurdles to overcome? Our MBC Life shares the perspective of patients. Part 1 of a 2 part series on Clinical Trials.

A Dash of Joy

Season 2 of Our MBC Life introduces Dar Finkelstein and her monthly segment “A Dash of Joy”. Hear how she finds joy in a life filled with doctors, shots, pills and scans. As well as how she stays focused on creating the feeling of Joy as a professional clown.

Searching for Unicorns: Exceptional Survivors and Responders

Our MBC Life spoke with five extraordinary "unicorns" living with MBC who have far surpassed prognosis expectations. The hosts also spoke with Dr. Mark Burkard and Dr. Stephanie Graff to find out what we can learn from these outliers.

Meet our Season 1 Trailblazers

Meet Our MBC Life's season 1 Trailblazers! Hear from these amazing women who are making a difference in their communities. Taking inspiration from their own experiences, they have created organizations to support others, close gaps, and give back.

What Cancer Patients Need to Know about COVID-19 Vaccines

We are thrilled to highlight another important program presented by SHARE Cancer Support. For many of us living with cancer, there are numerous questions about COVID-19, the vaccines, and what we need to know to best take care of ourselves. Dr. Joshua A Hill discusses this and more on the podcast.

Best of 3Black Docs

In this bonus episode we have the outstanding Dr. Tiffany Avery, Dr. Zanetta Lamar, and Dr. Karen Winkfield, who have developed their own podcast called the 3 Black Docs. They give their professional take on racial disparities in healthcare and address structural barriers that lead to disparities in treatments and outcomes - plus even more content that couldn’t fit in our initial season 1 episode.

A Conversation with Carol Evans

Carol Evans joined SHARE as CEO and Executive Director one year ago. Our MBC Life sat down with her in one of their newest bonus episodes to talk about her background as a visionary and leader of the working mother movement, and how she is helping to take our organization to the next level.

Report Back from SABCS

Our MBC life highlights the early stage and metastatic breast cancer research discussed in SHARE’s Report Back from SABCS program with Dr. Neil Iyengar of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

We Remember Chawnte

In the final episode of season one, Our MBC Life remembers co-host Chawnte Randall, who passed away from metastatic breast cancer in November of 2020.

GRASP: Guiding Researchers and Advocates to Scientific Partnerships

Our MBC Life co-host Natalia Green sits down with Christine Hodgdon and Julia Maués, co-founders of GRASP (Guiding Researchers and Advocates to Scientific Partnerships) to discuss bridging the gap between researchers and MBC advocates in the pursuit of better research connections.


Learn more about the Patient-Centered Dosing Initiative (“The Right Dose “) with MBC advocate and author, Anne Loeser and Dr. Aditya Bardia, Attending Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

#InclusionPledge One Year Later

Co-hosts Sheila McGlown and Lisa Laudico have a conversation with Maimah Karmo, founder of the Tigerlily Foundation along with Christine Hodgdon and Julia Maues, co-founders of GRASP, to find out what has happened since the launch of the #InclusionPledge and find out more about the #KnowMoreDisparities and #PullUpASeat initiatives.

Just Gotta SHARE November

Listen to Our MBC Life’s “Just Gotta SHARE” listener roundup of the month. We are wishing all of our listeners a safe and happy holiday season.

Working While Living with MBC

Producers and co-hosts, Victoria Goldberg and Anne Woodward, facilitate a discussion with two women who have continued to work while raising young children and living with MBC. In addition, we sat down for a conversation with the CEO of SHARE Cancer Support, Carol Evans.

Parenting While Living with MBC

Hear about the challenges and accomplishments of those parenting while living with MBC from different perspectives, including insights from co-host Natalia Green.

Interview with Adiba Barney

Co-host Natalia Green sits down with the inspiring MBC advocate and author of “When Life Hands You Cactuses, Make Margaritas,” Adiba Barney.

Re-release - Our Inaugural Episode

Join us as we revisit our inaugural episode with Maimah Karmo of the Tigerlily Foundation to discuss the creation and importance of the #InclusionPledge.

Just Gotta SHARE - Trailblazer

Join us for our third Trailblazer of the Month, Tiah Tomlin and My Style Matters. Co-host, Jersi Baker interviews Tiah about how she started her foundation and how they are working with individuals living with MBC, early-stage breast cancer patients and caregivers in the Greater Atlanta area.

We Remember

In this very special episode, listeners join our hosts and podcast team in sharing remembrances of friends and loved ones who, due to MBC, are no longer with us.

All About Lobular Breast Cancer

Join us for an engaging hour with the new Executive Director of the LBCA, Laurie Hutcheson, the LBCA Scientific Advisory Board Founder and Chair, Dr. Steffi Oesterreich, and Dr. Adrian V. Lee, who with Dr. Oesterreich runs the Lee/Oesterreich lab. We discuss why ILC (Invasive Lobular Cancer) is so hard to research and what looks promising for the future.

Bonus Episode - Kate Petrides

In honor of Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Lisa Laudico is joined by special guest co-host Emily Veach to interview Kate Petrides, who has been an MBC Advocate since her early-stage breast cancer diagnosis in 2012 at age 25.

Male Breast Cancer & Remembering Ryan Keith

Join co-hosts Kirby Lewis and Lisa Laudico for our interview with Male Breast Cancer advocate, Michael Singer, and Kate Keith, widow of Male MBC advocate, Ryan Keith.

Ricki Fairley and TOUCH, The Black Cancer Alliance

Join us for our talk with Ricki Fairley, founder of TOUCH Black Breast Cancer Alliance – who is one of those incredible early stage advocates working hard to make a difference for Black breast cancer and for everyone in the MBC Community.

Mets Monday Advocate Spotlight on Katherine O’Brien

Kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we interview Katherine O’Brien, a leading force in MBC advocacy since her diagnosis in 2009.

Just Gotta SHARE September

Join us for a new Just Gotta SHARE (JGS) podcast highlighting the voices of the podcast listeners and this month’s guests.

Dept. of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program

Dr. Gayle Vaday, Program Manager of the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs focused on Breast Cancer, joins co-host Sheila McGlown and Lisa Laudico for a conversation on this important funder of MBC Research.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Dr. Dorraya El-Ashry, the Chief Scientific Officer for the Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF), joins host Lisa Laudico to discuss the many exciting MBC research initiatives that BCRF is undertaking.

Metavivor and #LightupMBC

Co-host Chawnte Randall interviews Metavivor's new President, Jamil Rivers, the first Black President of an MBC organization, to discuss the many ways Metavivor fundraises for much needed MBC Research & the way this foundation evaluates research grants.

The Cancer Couch

Join us for a look into the legacy and work of Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalera and The Cancer Couch Foundation with her husband and new Executive Director, Tom Scalera. The conversation covers advocacy, fundraising for MBC Research, and living with grief during COVID.

Just Gotta SHARE August

Join us for our first podcast highlighting the voices of you, our listeners, this month, and a special introduction to the Our MBC Life team, who all are living with MBC while making this podcast.

Nancy U. Lin, MD

Dr. Nancy Lin, the Director of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, joins Lisa Laudico and co-host, Chawnte Randall, for a conversation on the issues with brain mets, the latest research and trials for brain mets, Dr. Lin's reflections on tele-health and COVID-19.

Brain Mets Advocates

Meet two leading MBC advocates who are focused on addressing issues related to Brain Mets and MBC. Christine Hodgdon and Nunny Reece speak with Lisa Laudico on the MBC Alliance Marina Kaplan Project, living with Brain Mets, treatment side effects, advocacy, mental health, and more.

Meet 3 Black Docs

Dr. Karen, Dr. Zanetta, and Dr. Tiffany bring their professional take on our ongoing conversation about racial disparities in healthcare and addressing structural barriers that lead to disparities in treatments and outcomes.

A Conversation with Emily

Listen to host Lisa Laudico and Emily’s conversation from January, 2020, as we continue to honor her life and legacy. Emily inspired the hosts of Our MBC Life to create this podcast and we want to help fulfill her goal.

Honoring Emily

Join our conversation with Emily’s husband, Christian Garnett, and her dear friend and fellow MBC advocate, Abigail Johnston, as we discuss Emily's legacy projects, grief, caregiver supports, and mental health, as we remember Emily, who passed away in March 2020 after living with MBC for 2.5 years.

Racial Disparities in Healthcare

In this episode we speak with leading MBC advocates, Sheila McGlown and Chawnte Randall, and with the social media breast cancer leaders, Jasmine Souers and Marissa Thomas of For The Breast Of US about their own experiences and how they advocate for their own treatment and for those in their communities.

Voices Challenging Racial Disparities in MBC and Healthcare

In this first episode, our conversation with two women, Jersi Baker and Maimah Karmo, discusses how they’re using their voices to ask questions, challenge norms, and demand a change to who is sitting at the table and striving to create racial equity in the MBC and BC community.

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