My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage II B cancer in July 2014 as a patient at Bellevue Hospital. News of my mother's cancer, as you can imagine, had a tremendous impact on all of us, including mom. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, LatinaSHARE co-director and Survivor Patient Navigator Maria Estrella entered my mother's life allowing her to have a more concrete sense of what her treatment would encompass. My mother was incredibly fortunate and blessed to have been introduced to Ms. Estrella by her doctors and oncologist. At home, mom discussed how much she valued and appreciated Ms. Estrella's help and guidance….Mom's attitude and prospects have brightened, in my opinion, as a result of the positive support and advice she has so lovingly received from Ms. Estrella…. In my humble opinion, we need more professionals like Ms. Estrella in healthcare and in the realm of cancer care. Professionals like Ms. Estrella make the difference!

Son of a Bellevue Hospital breast cancer patient
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