Yoga and Meditation with Three and a Half Acres

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Practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and breath work best suited to meet your goals for physical and emotional health with a certified instructor from Three and a Half Acres Yoga.

Developing slowly, so that students learn to take ownership of their own practice, weekly yoga sessions focus on the mind/body connection—working to deepen and slow the breath over time. Our sessions directly address sensations of stress, fear and anger—teaching the body and mind to slow down and observe instead of react. This is a physical shift that can become instinctual through practice—resulting in the slowing down in times of ‘fight or flight’ and allowing time for reason, empathy, and tolerance to guide decision making.

We encourage you to turn your video camera on for the duration of the class, but it is not mandatory. This class is open to anyone with a cancer diagnosis.

Three and a Half Acres Yoga broadens access to yoga, breathing, and mindfulness techniques, focusing on communities that have experienced trauma. Our classes and training support individuals and teachers alike in recognizing their power for positive change.



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Thursdays, 6-7pm ET
Jun 20
Jul 11,25
Aug 8, 22
Sep 12, 26

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