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July's question: How to deal with cancer-related weight gain? Megan's answer, and guidance from several SHARE Helpline volunteers RIGHT HERE

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SHARE Cancer Support is the leading ovarian and breast cancer organization, offering support for women with breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

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Breast-Cancer-Related Lymphedema: Webinar Recording Available!

If you missed yesterday's webinar with Ting-Ting Kuo on Breast-Cancer-Related Lymphedema, watch it here. The recording will be available for viewing until August 31. Read More >

How to deal with the sexual and romantic fallout of a cancer diagnosis?

There's no such thing as a good cancer, but breast and ovarian cancers seem particularly cruel. They seize uniquely female body parts and turn them against us. And the treatments that save our lives assault the same organs—surgeries that cut out our ovaries and all or portions of our breasts, drugs that hurl us into menopause or intensify its symptoms. Is it any wonder that women's romantic and sexual relationships can be profoundly affected by a diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer? Our helpline volunteers share their experiences—and some helpful tips. Read More >