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Mobile Pathology Laboratory

Lobular Breast Cancer: Understanding this Subtype and its Treatment

Ovarian Cancer: What's New?

Ovarian Cancer Round Table: Finding Your Voice

Genetics and Women of African Descent

Nutrition Tips for Women Affected by Breast or Ovarian Cancer

Superfoods for People with Breast Cancer

Bone Health for People with Breast Cancer

DCIS Recurrence and Radiation

How to Thrive with Oncology Rehabilitation

Ovarian Cancer RoundTable: Coping with Side Effects

Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Women of Color

The Changing Role of PARP Inhibitors in the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

Report Back From San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium on Metastatic Breast Cancer

SHARE presents Conflicts of Interest in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Healing Hope How To Tell Your Children When Mommy Has Cancer

Understanding and Treating HER2+ Breast Cancer

"Improving Breast Cancer outcomes in Communities of Color Steps Towards Equity"

"Medical Debt: What Can You Do?"

"Understanding Genetic Counseling"

"Ovarian Cancer Maintenance Therapies"

"Cancer and the Law"

"Report Back From ASCO on Metastatic Breast Cancer (2018)"

"Meet the Therapy Dogs!"

"The Environment and Breast Cancer"

"Sexuality and Women's Cancer"

"Ovarian Cancer and Tumor-Targeted Fluorescent Dye"

"Ovarian Cancer 101"

"Reproductive Medicine & Hereditary Cancer"

"Opportunities for Immune Therapy and Prevention"

"Ovarian Cancer: What's New? (2018)"

"Patients Talk Back: Misconceptions
of Cancer"

"Using Scarves to Look and Feel Good"

"Reducing Stress and Anxiety through Music and Mindfulness"

"Are Vaccines the Future of Cancer Treatment?"

"Report Back from SABCS on Metastatic Breast Cancer (2018)"

"Age Bias in Cancer Care"

"La Palapa Cocina Mexicana Presents: Easy Nutritional Cooking"

"The Role of CDK Inhibitors in the Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer"

"'In Between Days' with Teva Harrision"

"Side Effect Management for the Ovarian Cancer Community"

"Every Bite Counts! Nutrition Tips for
Breast and Ovarian Cancer"

"Ovarian Cancer Screening and Prevention: The Fallopian Tube Technologic Revolutions"

"Communities of Color and Participation in Breast Cancer Research"

"Less Pain, More Gain:
Palliative Care for Ovarian Cancer"

"Disability Law
and Metastatic Breast Cancer"

"Difficult Conversations:
Bridging the Communication Gap with Your Oncologist"

"Finding Clinical
Trials for Metastatic Breast Cancer"

"Report Back
from ASCO on Metastatic Breast Cancer (2017)"

"Immunotherapy in
the Management of Ovarian Cancer"

"New Developments in Breast Reconstruction Surgery"

Annie's Story:
Symptoms and Diagnosis

Annie's Story:
Coping and Support

Annie's Story:
Treatment and Road Ahead

"Your Sexuality After Cancer," with Madeleine Castellanos, MD

"DCIS: What You Need to Know" with Deborah Collyar, founder of Patient Advocates in Research

Facing Forward - When Cancer Changes the Road Ahead

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

Holding Our Own: Making Treatment Decisions

Holding Our Own: Clinical Trials

Holding Our Own: Finding Love and Support

Expert Perspective: Hope and Progress for the Future of Breast Cancer Treatment with Dr. William Gradishar

“Tumor Dormancy,” with H. Kim Lyerly,

SHARE Senior Director of Programs Ivis Febus-Sampayo on Novartis Drug for Metastatic Breast Cancer.

"Report from San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium: Focusing on Metastatic Breast Cancer," with Dr. Matthew Ellis

“Developments in the Treatment of Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer,” with Dr. Sylvia Adams

Clinical Trials for Ovarian Cancer- Fact vs. Fiction with Courtney Hudson

Strategies for Long-term Management of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer with Dr. Jason Wright and Dr. June Hou

“Balancing Work and Cancer,” with Rachel Becker, LMSW

“Fear of Recurrence for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Survivors,” with Wendy G. Lichtenthanl, PhD

Strategies for Managing Long Term Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Survivorship: The Patient’s Perspective

“Lifestyle Changes to Help Deal with the Stress of Cancer,” with Beth Taubes RN, OCN, CBCN

Beyond BRCA: What's New in the World of Genetic Testing?

“ASCO Highlights 2016: Focusing on Metastatic Breast Cancer,” with Maura N. Dickler, MD

“Finding a Clinical Trial That’s Right for You,” with Elly Cohen, PhD

Understanding CA-125 with Dr. Kevin Holcomb

Ovarian Cancer: What's New? with Dr. Stephanie Blank and Dr. Melissa Frey

"Palliative Care for Women with Cancer," with Dr. Michael Pearl

“Persistent and Intermittent Pain after Breast Cancer Treatment,” with Mei R. Fu, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FAAN

“The Benefits of using Therapeutic Essential Oils in Cancer Care,” with Luana DeAngelis

“Maximizing Treatment Options: What to Know When Considering a Clinical Trial”

Importance of Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancers with Dr. Sara Hurvitz

Developing Treatment Options for BRCA-Positive Breast Cancer Patients with Dr. Julie Gralow

Insights Into the BRCA1 and BRCA2 Gene Mutations with Dr. Julie Gralow

“Integrative Medicine and Cancer,” with Heather Greenlee

“Immunotherapy: Immune-Based Therapies, Vaccines, and Current Research,” with Dr. Leisha Emens

“Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema,” with Ting-Ting Kuo, PT, DPT, MBA, WCS, CLT

“Chemotherapy and Oral Care,” with Dr. Lauren Levi

Ethnic Disparities in Gynecologic Cancer with Dr. Kevin Holcomb

“Reconstructive Surgery Options for Women with Breast Cancer,” from Drs. Deborah Axlerod and Jamie Levine

“Write Your Own Memoir (Part 1),” with Abigail Thomas

“Write Your Own Memoir (Part 2),” with Abigail Thomas

“Coping with Cancer,” with Mindy Greenstein Ph.D.

“When a Doctor Becomes a Patient: Why Quality of Life Matters," with Dr. Susan Love

“Communicating Cancer: Hope and Truth,” with Dr. Don Dizon

“Managing Symptoms and Side Effects: How Caregivers Can Help,” with Dr. Kit Cheng

“Simple Solutions for Eating Healthy,” with Heidi Pinsky, MS, RD

“Optimal Nutrition for Cancer Survivors,” with Jessica Iannotta, CSO, CDN, MS, RD

“How We Do Harm,” with Dr. Otis Brawley

“Sexuality and Intimacy After Cancer,” with Dr. Mindy R. Schiffman

“Metastatic Breast Cancer: Cutting-Edge Research from the National Cancer Institute,” with Dr. Patricia Steeg

“The Cost of the Cure: Collateral Damage from Breast Cancer Treatment,” with Dr. Susan Love

“Why Should I Join a Clinical Trial?” with Dawn Hershman, MD, MS

“An Overview of Clinical Trials,” with Annie Ellis

“Finding a Clinical Trial That’s Right for You,”
with Elly Cohen, PhD

New Developments in the Medical Treatment of Breast Cancer,
with Dr. Clifford Hudis

SHARE Talk Radio: Breast Cancer Deadline 2020,
with Fran Visco

Report Back from AACR with Annie Ellis, ovarian cancer survivor

Strategies for Long-term Management of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer with Dr. Jason Wright and Dr. June Hou

Patient's Perspective: Strategies for Long-Term Management of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer with Annie Ellis

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day: A Special Event Webinar

“Coping with October,” with Dr. Don Dizon

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