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Women with ovarian cancer can join Julie Larson, LCSW and peers via video or phone to talk about topics such as "Scanxiety" (April 12), "Leaving a Legacy" (May 10), and "Survivor’s Guilt" (June 14).

April 12: Scanxiety

Living with uncertainty is one of the harshest realities of a cancer diagnosis. Waiting for scan results or feeling the fear of recurrence are examples of common challenges survivors find difficult to navigate. While it may be unrealistic to think the feeling of uncertainty will completely go away, join us on Wednesday, April 12th as we discuss strategies to tame the anxiety and find your footing one day at a time. Let’s talk about it!

May 10: Leaving a Legacy

A legacy is not just what you leave behind. It is also the connections you make and the ways you live that create a lasting impact on your relationships and the world around you. Sometimes people are planting the seeds of their long-lasting legacy without even knowing it. Other times it is taking a moment to step back and consider what is important to you and the values that guide your day-to-day; this can be an important exercise. Join us on Wednesday, May 10th as we share our thoughts and experiences, and discuss this topic together.

June 14: Survivor’s Guilt

The question “Why me?” often exemplifies the experience of survivor’s guilt. Feeling survivor’s guilt is more common than you may think and can be triggered in different ways. Your positive news at a follow-up visit, regaining strength when treatment ends, and having manageable side effects are all events that may counter-intuitively lead to stress or even shame. The loss of a fellow survivor naturally gives rise to grief which can be compounded by guilt. Join us on June 14th when we come together honestly to support one another and talk about it.

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