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Women with ovarian cancer can join Julie Larson, LCSW and peers via video or phone to talk about topics such as "Finding ‘Us’ Again - Changes in Relationships After Cancer" (October 19), "Cancer-Fighting Foods and Holiday Cooking" (November 9), and "Setting Goals as Self-Care" (December 14).

October 19: Finding “Us” Again - Changes in Relationships After Cancer

A cancer diagnosis doesn’t only affect the person diagnosed. Loved ones also feel the impact and changes in relationships are common. Join us on Wednesday, October 19th as we talk honestly about adjusting to new roles, changes in levels of intimacy, and communication hurdles. Together let’s get curious about what this road might be like in your loved one’s shoes and build strategies to keep walking the path bonded together.

November 9: Cancer-Fighting Foods and Holiday Cooking

During the holidays, food often takes center stage as we celebrate. Although holiday foods have a reputation for being “unhealthy” there is still plenty for you to enjoy that is both delicious and nutritious, whether you’re in active treatment or not. Come kick off the holiday season with Pam Braun, a 18-year late-stage survivor, cookbook author, and former chef, as she discusses the basics of cancer-fighting foods and how to incorporate them into your festivities. There will also be some fun cooking demos and recipes for you to try at home!

December 14: Setting Goals as Self-Care

When so much of cancer support promotes staying present or taking things “one step at a time” setting goals can feel scary, reckless even. Yet personal goals that are aligned with your values help you stay focused, feel empowered, and experience a stronger sense of control. Join us on Wednesday, December 14th to learn more and connect with other survivors to carefully consider how you might break down your desires into actionable steps that add up to differences in your day-to-day.

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