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Women with ovarian cancer can join Julie Larson, LCSW and peers via video or phone to talk about topics such as "Begin Again: Making Meaning and the Road Ahead" (January 12), "Sex and Intimacy After Cancer" (February 9), and "Building a Self-Care Toolbox" (March 9).

January 12: Begin Again: Making Meaning and the Road Ahead

The new year can be a time filled with promise, beginnings, and a fresh outlook. But a cancer diagnosis can make it hard to consider the road ahead. What value is there in setting goals if the future feels uncertain? Join us on Wednesday, January 12th as we come together to talk about the topic of "Making Meaning and the Road Ahead". Together we will dig deep to better understand what the research shows us about the benefits of purpose and meaning, talk about what your unique response may teach you, and share with one another thoughts on facing today and planning for tomorrow. Let’s Talk About It!

February 9: Sex and Intimacy After Cancer

Let's talk about sex! Although sex after ovarian cancer can be complicated, there are tips and tools that can help. Ashley Arkema, NP, Nurse Practitioner in the Female Sexual Medicine Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), will share techniques to improve sex and intimacy after cancer.

March 9: Building a Self-Care Toolbox

Caring for yourself throughout the cancer trajectory requires flexibility and awareness. There are different emotions and challenges that occur at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, and months (or even years) after treatment has ended. The way in which you care for yourself surrounded by others, in a professional setting, or in the middle of the night also reinforces the importance of having a wide range of tips and tricks in your toolbox to help you feel more confident and grounded in times of stress. Join us on Wednesday, March 9th as we share practical tips and shared experiences, and build more ideas for the tools you might want to add to your toolbox as you take care of yourself along the way. Let’s Talk About It!

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