Celebrating Juneteenth at SHARE

Tia, SHARE's Director of AfroSHARE/Black Women's Outreach, talks about the presence SHARE had at the Juneteenth Freedom Festival run by NYC Mayor Eric Adams last month, and why it's important for Black women to see this representation and have access to our resources at these historic events.

Catrina Crutcher’s Breast Cancer Story

My name is Catrina Crutcher. I'm 38 years of age from Dallas, TX, but born/raised in Alabama. I'm a Breast Cancer Thriver sharing my story as an advocate for women recently diagnosed, currently in their journey, or needing guidance after their journey.

I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer on June 15, 2021. I also hold the BRCA1 Positive Gene Mutation.

Spotlight On: SHARE’s African American Program

What did the African American program look like in its early days? 

Dominique: This program was created with the knowledge that women of color are under-represented in the medical field. Because of LatinaSHARE and their successful model, the door was open for us to create a program that addressed the needs of Black women.

Celebrating International Women’s Month at SHARE

"I've worked for women's cancer nonprofits for over 25 years and through my position as director of SHARE's uterine/endometrial cancer program, I've been so grateful to continue my work in this area. We started the SHARE uterine program two years ago and it's been very gratifying to provide much-needed support and information to women affected by uterine cancer who didn't have many resources in the past.

Ambassador Spotlight: Nefa-Tari Moore

Tell us about your cancer experience 

I am a three-time cancer survivor, twice uterine and then ovarian cancer. I've been free of uterine cancer for 6 years, and this July, I will be 4 years free of ovarian cancer.

November 2022 will be 9 years since I received my first diagnosis of uterine cancer.

Ambassador Spotlight: Lisa B Jones

Tell us about your cancer experience 

My cancer experience started with my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis when I was about 7 years old. This entire experience was devastating to my family. In the 1970s, the treatments for breast cancer were not as developed as the current options.

Ambassador Spotlight: Kareen Lambert

Tell us about your cancer experience 

I have experienced all aspects of cancer as part of my career, volunteerism, advocacy for myself and others, and most importantly as a survivor. I have no regrets about my journey with cancer because it is my belief that it defines my purpose in life.

Ambassador Spotlight: Rose John

Tell us about your cancer experience 

I was first diagnosed with cancer when I was 44 years old. I was a single mother of 2 boys, 14 and 18. At that time all I knew about cancer was that people died from this disease. I really did not know my family history with cancer, because we never ever talked about family illnesses or who died from what.

Aisha’s Cervical Cancer Story

A few days after I celebrated my 32nd birthday, I decided it was time to look into some symptoms that were bothering me. I've always been really in tune with my body, so after I experienced some irregular bleeding in addition to consistent back pain, I knew it was time to be seen.

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