Spotlight on SHARE Programs for Black Women

This February, in honor of Black History Month, SHARE is excited to highlight our rich program of initiatives by and for Black women. As Christine Benjamin, SHARE’s VP of Patient Services observes, "For too long, disparities in health care and outcomes for people of color have existed.

My Breast Cancer Journey by Ann Reisig

My name is Ann Reisig.

Religiously I go for my annual mammography's and sonograms. I had my annual on November 26th, 2021. I was on top of the world when I started a new hybrid job on December 13th, 2021.

Then I get a call from my doctor telling me that I have to go in for further imaging because they saw something suspicious.

The Battle I Choose Not to Lose by Cindy Bernard

With no history of breast cancer in my family, it was something I wouldn't think would happen to me. It was out of theordinary to feel the sharp pain. I shrugged it off at first until I felt something in my breast. I was confident it was an abscess because I'd had one before.

Celia S Lustgarten – My Cancer Story

In 2006 just before I turned 65 years old, (in the few years before had operations: two basel cancers on face and one melanoma cancer on leg), I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast. "Invasive mammary carcinoma with lobular features, PET scan shows a hypermetabolic left axillary lymph node," from report.

SHARE on the Frontlines: Meet Lucero and Her Work with LatinaSHARE

SHARE’s LatinaSHARE Outreach Ambassadors reach 30,000 people each year in their own communities with life-saving information in Spanish about signs, symptoms, risk factors, screening and treatment options. In neighborhoods throughout New York City, women and families are able to learn about breast, metastatic breast, ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer - at health fairs, churches, food pantries, senior centers, consulates, and schools.

Spotlight On: SHARE’s Support Groups

We interviewed three of SHARE's support group participants to share their stories and spread awareness of our free resources, which are open to anyone and everyone affected by a cancer diagnosis.

Interested in joining a support group? Find one that works for you here.

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