SHARE has helped me tremendously. Mona and Marilyn walked me through a lot of issues and gave me a lot of support. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your programs. I really enjoy them and you are really doing such a service to all of us.

I’ve called many organizations, and you’re the best. You’ve always given me wonderful information.

This type of support is exactly what I needed!! Thank you for such a wonderful program!

It's wonderful to know that SHARE is there for me if I should need its direct support in the future. SHARE is a wonderful organization that not only helps women with breast and ovarian cancer, they also support family and friends of women with breast and ovarian cancer. My family wouldn't have adjusted as well without SHARE.

I was relieved to be able to share my fears and concerns with other women who truly understood... SHARE, you were there for me in my time of need and I will always be grateful. Thank you.

A lovely woman named Nancy called to share her story about her unilateral mastectomy without reconstruction. We had a long talk and she helped me tremendously. I'm going for surgery Friday and want to thank her again for her soothing voice, calmness and confidence as she shared her experience and answered my questions.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with stage one invasive breast cancer at age 34, I began attending support group meetings for young women with breast cancer at SHARE. The women I met allayed my fears, gave me tips on how to cope, encouraged me, and understood my experiences in a way that others couldn’t. It was so wonderful to sit in a room full of breast cancer warriors; it gave me hope and made me feel less alone.

After a second diagnosis of breast cancer in 8 years, I was facing another new and scary surgery. I had done lots of research in discussions with my surgeon and on the internet to understand the details of what was going to happen in the surgery from a clinical point of view, but I had some serious fears about what would happen after. I called the SHARE hotline to reach out for practical information from someone who had experienced this before. In a day or so, I received a call back from a SHARE woman who recently had this surgery, and to our surprise she used the same surgeon. She answered some very personal questions, and I felt very fortunate to have this service available at this difficult time in my life. I have a deep affection for this organization, and hope that it prospers to help and support more women in the future.

There’s nothing as healing as walking into a roomful of women who know exactly what you feel like because they’ve been there themselves. The camaraderie, kindness and understanding is like nothing I’ve discovered anywhere else. It’s like AA but for breast cancer survivors.

Calling SHARE was the single best thing I did for myself when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993. Even though I had a loving family and wonderful friends, I felt terrified and alone in facing this crisis. A good friend urged me to contact SHARE, and I soon found myself in a support group with other recently ­diagnosed women who knew what I was going through and how I felt, and with whom I could "share" my greatest fears and darkest thoughts without worrying about their reactions.

My oncologist handed me a SHARE pamphlet and said, ‘Call these women. They're great.’ A few days later I got up the nerve to call the helpline. It was the first time I had spoken with another ovarian cancer survivor who was alive and doing well. She had gone through everything I was going through, felt many of the same things I was feeling, and provided resources to connect with other survivors in a local support group and on-line. By the end of that call I was filled with so much hope, and I knew I was going to get through treatment.

SHARE's hotline has so much to offer a woman like me who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, much more than any other group I have called. I have called several times and in each call I've made to the SHARE hotline, the survivor has given me a nugget of information that was new to me and useful.

Meeting with survivors offers hope and strength for newcomers...I didn't realize how complex ovarian cancer actually is...I am grateful that SHARE is available as a valuable resource… Thanks for your support.

After my discharge from the hospital, I was frightened. I felt as if I moved from the land of the healthy to the land of the sick. I knew I needed help. I found SHARE on the Internet. I called the Helpline and was informed of a support group in my neighborhood. I find the information and company of other women in my situation to be very helpful. I consider the SHARE support group to be like a safe zone where I can discuss my fears and concerns with others that understand where I am coming from. I gain strength and knowledge from the ladies.

You give me hope. You are a great organization. Everyone I've talked to has been unbelievably kind and knowledgeable without scaring the heck out of me.

Keep up the good work. Your organization is truly a valuable resource. Thank you for being there for me.

I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer three years ago, and I’ve lost friendships and even relationships with family since my diagnosis. People are really afraid of this disease, and they don’t want to talk about it. SHARE has been very helpful; I called their helpline and joined the telephone support group. It’s very informative and has been a really positive experience for me. The people are sweet and respectful, and they understand what you’re going through. You don’t feel alone. They’re a really warm, welcoming and caring bunch of women.

I was treated for breast cancer in 2007 and first came to SHARE a few years later because I wanted to give back and help other women manage the disease. But then last year, I learned that my cancer had metastasized to my liver, and I needed support from SHARE. I turned to SHARE’s Director of Metastatic Programs, who connected me with resources and helped me realize that there are women who go on with their lives despite having metastatic disease. This support has been so helpful for me.

Not only am I a breast cancer patient who attends the many support groups, lectures, phone-in support groups, and Webinars that SHARE offers, I am also a volunteer! After my very first time attending the ongoing breast cancer support group, I thought, ‘SHARE would be such a wonderful place to volunteer!’ I work as a Helpline volunteer which is the most rewarding volunteer job I have and I also help as an admin. I love SHARE because it has top-notch support groups led by people who have actually gone through breast or ovarian cancer and are survivors. It is such a warm and inviting environment and I always feel comfortable sharing what I am going through in the group. Kudos to a fantastic organization! Keep up the great work, SHARE!

SHARE’s Pink and Teal Seminar program is a must for all organizations. Education is key in cancer prevention and SHARE’s team leveraged first hand experiences with breast and ovarian cancer to educate our employees in a manner relevant to all. Give them an hour and they provide you with invaluable, life saving information.

Co­Founder/Managing Director
Squeaky Wheel Media

On behalf of our Year Up NYC team, we are truly thankful for the wealth of information and the personal stories that you and the other presenters shared with us. It is truly a blessing to have organizations like SHARE as a resource for support, education and patient advocacy. Thank you again for the life saving work you and the SHARE team provides.

Director of Outreach and Student Services
Year Up

What a wonderful event! I am still not quite sure how you have all managed to get all that information into a one hour event – it was so informative. All that attended were happy they did. Thank you for coming; it was a pleasure to have you.

Office Manager
Ted Moudis Associates

I have had many employees come up to me, thanking me for having such a nice seminar. I really think that you were able to connect with our staff on a personal level, and to encourage them to seek preventative care. As long as we can help at least one person, we can definitely make a difference!!


"Palliative Care for Women with Cancer" with Dr. Michael Pearl

This is one of the best cancer-related webinars I've seen in 6 years (and I've attended many...) and one of the most needed to get out to make a difference.

January 28, 2016

"Strategies for Long-term Management of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer" with Dr. Jason Wright and Dr. June Hou

Felt the Doctors were at the top of their game.

September 10, 2015

This is my first experience with SHARE and I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear from you all tonight.

September 10, 2015

“Coping with October” with Dr. Don Dizon

Just watched an amazing webinar with @drdonsdizon Coping w/ Oct: Ideas for those living with MBC. Sponsored by @SHAREing. Get from them!!

October 13, 2014

I feel empowered now after listening to Dr. Dizon.

October 13, 2014

"The Cost of the Cure" with Dr. Susan Love

Thank you for sharing Dr. Susan Love's webinar 'The Cost of the Cure: Collateral Damage from Breast Cancer Treatment'.... I was immediately drawn into it. I became totally absorbed. Before you knew it the 1-1/2 hours zipped right by. I truly enjoyed everything about the video and actually learned some things from it.

"Write Your Own Memoir" with Abigail Thomas

It was lovely to hear the unabashed love-of-life from Abigail. That in itself was a gift."

This was wonderful. I wish we could have a writing group at SHARE that met regularly."

She inspired me to pursue my dream of writing about my life."

Everything was turned around for me after I called SHARE. I wasn't afraid anymore. I felt 100 percent better knowing there are others who've been through this.

My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage II B cancer in July 2014 as a patient at Bellevue Hospital. News of my mother's cancer, as you can imagine, had a tremendous impact on all of us, including mom. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, LatinaSHARE co-director and Survivor Patient Navigator Maria Estrella entered my mother's life allowing her to have a more concrete sense of what her treatment would encompass. My mother was incredibly fortunate and blessed to have been introduced to Ms. Estrella by her doctors and oncologist. At home, mom discussed how much she valued and appreciated Ms. Estrella's help and guidance….Mom's attitude and prospects have brightened, in my opinion, as a result of the positive support and advice she has so lovingly received from Ms. Estrella…. In my humble opinion, we need more professionals like Ms. Estrella in healthcare and in the realm of cancer care. Professionals like Ms. Estrella make the difference!

where a SHARE Survivor Patient Navigator is available.

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