Cancer Was My Main Risk Factor for Blood Clots: Heidi’s Story

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2017. I had a complete hysterectomy followed by the standard six rounds of chemotherapy, after which I had no evidence of disease until February 2021 when I had a recurrence.

I had to undergo six more rounds of chemo, and I also participated in a trial, but my tumors kept growing.

The Conference Workstream: Advancing Equity through Patient Navigation

At our first conference, SHARE challenged participants to identify one big idea to end health disparities. The majority of participants chose patient navigation, which became the focus of the conference workstreams in 2022 and 2023. The workstreams promised action on eradicating intractable disparities, and brought together a diverse group of approximately 30 conference-goers including patients, advocates, medical and corporate professionals.

My Life with Mets by Shannon Etzel

In April 2016, when I was in my late 30’s, I heard those words that no one wants to hear.…”you have cancer”. My whole world was turned upside down, but I was determined to do everything I could to beat it. I had invasive ductal carcinoma stage 3 grade 3 with lymph nodes involved and I was triple positive.

My Breast Cancer Story by Rachel Becker

I was diagnosed December 2021 at age 37 with low ER+ (or some consider TNBC) stage 1, grade 3. It was only found through an early screening mammogram I received due to a very slightly elevated risk. That mammogram literally saved my life and I'm passionate about advocating for early screenings.

Erin’s Fight by Erin Giammarco

It hasn’t even been a year, and I’ve gone through so much. It’s crazy to think about. I found my lump in the shower one day. I asked my husband to feel and confirm I was really feeling what I was. I had a gut feeling it wasn’t ok. I’m very proactive about doctor appointment and self-care, so I called the next day.

My Breast Cancer Story by Lisa-Ann Machesi

My world was rocked on December 2nd. The pain I felt, the shattering of my heart and spirit was like a wrecking ball through a stained-glass window. Shattering in a million little pieces. In three little words, my entire world turned upside down and an entirely new journey has shifted to survival mentally and physically.

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