How Vaginal Estrogen Therapy Can Reduce Risk of UTIs

September 6, 2023

Many in the breast cancer community are now in menopause due to chemotherapy or surgically induced. The side effects can deeply affect our sex life and cause our bodies to have far less interest in sexual activities of any kind. Our guest speaker Dr. Rachel S. Rubin, is a board-certified urologist and sexual medicine specialist. Dr. Rubin will discuss the hallmarks of female aging or chemotherapy/surgically induced menopause and why it can change our vaginal lining, including the potential of recurrent UTI’s. She will also address vaginal estrogen and what that means for hormone driven breast cancer.

Dr. Rachel S. Rubin is a board certified urologist with fellowship training in sexual medicine. She is an assistant clinical professor in urology at Georgetown University and has her own practice in Washington DC. Dr. Rubin provides comprehensive care to all genders and treats issues such as pelvic pain, menopause, erectile dysfunction, and low libido.

Key Takeaways from Webinar Viewers:

  • "I can pass on reliable data to my Oncologist who is afraid of estrogen." - Anonymous, Breast Cancer Attendee
  • "Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions and look for doctors that want to help you." - Anonymous, Uterine Cancer Attendee
  • "The safety of vaginal estrogen, the consequences of low estrogen to the pelvis and that calling it "vaginal dryness" is detrimental to women." - Anonymous, Family
  • Member of Someone with Cancer
  • "Mainly that topical estrogen can be safe for MBC patients. Also that women with MBC, who have a shorter life expectancy have a right to have a life worth living!" - Anonymous, MBC Attendee
  • "Awesome information on vaginal health and learned new terminology." - Anonymous, Ovarian Attendee

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