Latinx Same Race Session: Navigating Towards Personalized, Quality Cancer Care


Ysabel Duron, Founder, The Latino Cancer Institute


Dr. Ghecemy Lopez, DSW, MAEd, Manager & Patient Navigator for the Ronnie Lippin Cáncer Support and Navigation Program @USC Norris / Bilingual Cancer Research Advocate, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Mabel Mardones, Breast Oncologist and Hematologist, Rocky Mountain Cancer Center

Dr. Patricia Chalela DrPH, Associate Professor at the Institute for Health Promotion Research

Join these women from Latinx communities, as they address issues faced by their communities when working to seek quality cancer care. Hear first-hand why it’s important to have caregivers and guides who look like the patients and can speak their language. More than that, panelists will explore the importance of educating both the patient and the professionals on the nuances of their cultures and how to impact the quality of their cancer care.

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