Let's Talk About It: Ovarian Cancer - Crafting Vision Boards Together

January 11, 2023

A diagnosis of cancer can cloud not only our view of the future but our sense of ourselves. To dream feels reckless and may trigger feelings of sadness and loss. Untethered and uncertain, how do you step into the year ahead? A diagnosis of cancer can also bring clarity to the important aspects of one’s life and the values that guide your day-to-day may come sharply into focus. Join us on Wednesday, January 11th as we kick off the year with an activity together. A time to reflect and acknowledge what matters to you as you step into the new year. What brings us joy, calm, a sense of meaning or connection, and what images might guide and ground you for the road ahead. Come with a blank 8x11 sheet of paper, pictures, magazines, quotes, or words, and an open mind as together we dig in and create a vision board to help light the path in ways that feel authentic, honest, and personal to you.

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