“Maximizing Treatment Options: What to Know When Considering a Clinical Trial”

November 20, 2015

Current and former clinical trial participants discuss decision-making from a patient's perspective.

Video Table of Contents

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2:16 Introduction to Clinical Trials (What are they? Reasons for pursuing clinical trials? Why is it important to know about clinical trials? When to pursue clinical trials? What questions can clinical trials answer?)
5:04: Exceptional Responders Initiative and NCI Match
5:42: Clinical Trials: New Designs (Molecularly informed precision medicine; umbrella trials; basket trials)
6:35: Myths about clinical trials (Last resort, patients are guinea pigs, placebos, can’t stop)
10:03: Potential risks/unknowns of clinical trials
10:48: Potential benefits of clinical trials
12:00: Information needed to get started on clinical trials (current tests, BRCA mutation status, genomic info re tumor)
12:43: Factors to consider in clinical trials (finding a trial, qualifying for a trial, scans/tests to determine if you qualify, time needed for trial, travel, costs, randomization, blinding)
16:04: Informed consent (process for participant's protection)
17:44: Reporting side effects
18:25: Jane’s story (High grade clear cell uterine cancer which progressed to metastatic disease; participated in early phase immunotherapy clinical trial)
25:18: Jessica’s story (Stage IIIc recurrent ovarian cancer; participated in one clinical trial)
32:25: Eliza’s story (Initial diagnosis of Stage IIB invasive breast cancer in 2005; metastatic breast cancer in 20013; participated in 5 clinical trials)
43:09: Karen’s story (Metastatic breast cancer; participated in several clinical trials; exceptional responder)
50:25: Q&A
50:35: Q&A: Are patients made aware of the outcome of their clinical trial?
52:12: Q&A: Can I get help from a research nurse in seeking a suitable clinical trial?
54:06: Q&A: Is it true that I will never be eligible for a trial because my tumor is not measurable via scan?
54:55: Q&A: I'm not able to find any information on a phase I trial offered to me. What can I do?

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