Metastatic Breast Cancer Videos and Past Webinars

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Nutrition Tips for Women Affected by Breast or Ovarian Cancer

Bone Health for People with Breast Cancer

Superfoods for People with Breast Cancer

How to Thrive with Oncology Rehabilitation

Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Women of Color

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Report Back From San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium on Metastatic Breast Cancer

Healing Hope: How To Tell Your Children When Mommy Has Cancer

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Understanding and Treating HER2+ Breast Cancer

Medical Debt: What Can You Do

Understanding Genetic Counseling

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Cancer and the Law from SHARE

Report Back From ASCO on Metastatic Breast Cancer

Meet the Therapy Dogs

Patients Talk Back: Misconceptions of Cancer

Using Scarves to Look and Feel Good

Facebook Live Event: Reducing Stress and Anxiety through Music and Mindfulness

Report Back from SABCS on Metastatic Breast Cancer

Age Bias in Cancer Care

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Facebook Live Event- La Palapa Cocina Mexicana
presents Easy Nutritional Cooking

Role of CDK Inhibitors in the Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer

In Between Days with Teva Harrision on Facebook Live

Disability Law and Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Difficult Conversations: Bridging the Communication Gap with Your Oncologist

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Finding Clinical Trials for Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Report Back from ASCO on Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Holding Our Own: Making Treatment Decisions

Holding Our Own: Clinical Trials

Holding Our Own: Finding Love and Support

SHARE Senior Director of Programs Ivis Febus-Sampayo on Novartis Drug for Metastatic Breast Cancer.

"Report from San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium: Focusing on Metastatic Breast Cancer," with Dr. Matthew Ellis

“Developments in the Treatment of Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer,” with Dr. Sylvia Adams

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“Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day: A Special Event Webinar”

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“ASCO Highlights 2016: Focusing on Metastatic Breast Cancer,” with Maura N. Dickler, MD

“Managing Symptoms and Side Effects: How Caregivers Can Help,” with Dr. Kit Cheng

“Metastatic Breast Cancer: Cutting-Edge Research from the National Cancer Institute,” with Dr. Patricia Steeg

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“Coping with October,” with Dr. Don Dizon

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