Scalp Cooling 101

November 14, 2023

In simplified terms, scalp cooling systems are tightly fitting, helmet-like hats filled with a cold gel or liquid that you wear during chemotherapy infusions. It is a device that can help many people keep some or quite a bit of their hair during chemotherapy which can cause hair loss. It has been life-changing for many in the cancer community, but not everyone can afford or has access to it.

To help our breast (chest) cancer community understand how it works and its success rates, our guest speaker Julie Nangia, MD, Medical Director, Breast Oncology at Baylor College of Medicine, will discuss her clinical review published called "Quality of Life Matters: It Is Time to Integrate Scalp Cooling in Routine Clinical Practice" in JCO Oncology Practice: An American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal. Come with your questions and join us for this lively discussion..

Key Takeaways from Speaker Julie Nangia, MD:

  • Be your own advocate.
  • Anyone, anywhere can have scalp cooling - whether it is a cap or device.
  • Hair is important, so don't let people tell you that it's just a cosmetic.

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