Scans and Ovarian Cancer: Everything You Want to Know

May 4, 2023

When you’re diagnosed with ovarian cancer, scans become an inevitable part of life. But what are the differences between the imaging tests? When should which scans be used? What about the pros and cons of each test? Join Dr. Kevin Holcomb, Vice-Chair of Gynecology and member of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Weill Cornell Medicine, and Dr. Elisabeth O’Dwyer, Instructor in Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine and Assistant Attending Radiologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Campus, as they help make sense of it all. 

Key Takeaways from Webinar Viewers:

  • “Clarification of which scan is best at detecting what, and when it is appropriate.”
  • “Scanning after successful treatment should only be ‘as needed’ not routine.”
  • “Relieves my question about why I don't need routine follow-up CT scans (when I'm symptom-free and my CA-125 is normal).”
  •  “I understand the risks of radiation better.”
  • “I feel like I can be better equipped to understand the path chosen by my provider to monitor any progression.”

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