TNBC Series Part II: Body Image After Surgery for Black Women

July 7, 2022

Body image issues may not be the most pressing concern at the beginning of a breast cancer journey, but they can dramatically affect quality of life. Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) has a significant impact on Black women. Since Black skin comes in a multitude of beautiful hues, that means scarring, bruising, burns, and stitches look different on the skin than white women. Dr. Regina Hampton, Breast Cancer Surgeon at Doctors Community Hospital in Washington, DC, will discuss how to advocate for yourself and feel comfortable bringing up body image concerns and challenges, even if your doctor doesn't look like you.

Key Takeaways from Webinar Viewers:

  • "Factual...documented information about black women and the statistics for us vs them."
  • "Options available for treatment; the availability of different types of breast forms; You have the right to change doctors and not feel rushed to make decisions."
  • "Talk with your surgeon about the location of scars, options for surgery, and insurance pays for reconstruction/bras/prosthesis."

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