Understanding Progression: How to Identify and Treat ESR1 Mutations in HR+ MBC

October 26, 2023

New therapeutic options are now available for HR+ MBC. Dr. Virginia Kaklamani will discuss endocrine therapy resistance, liquid biopsy/blood test, mutations, and treatment sequencing of targeted therapy. You will learn about oral selective estrogen receptor degraders (SERDS), clinical trials, and more. Join us to hear the latest options and have your questions answered in this webinar.

Key Takeaways from Webinar Viewers:

  • "Dr. Kaklamani explained things extremely well - logically and in simple terms I could understand." -Anonymous patient living with metastatic breast cancer
  • " Mutations are constantly occurring so there is a need to request more than one (liquid) biopsy during course of treatment. " -Anonymous patient living with metastatic breast cancer
  • The presentation had an easy conversational tone and I appreciated the ability to ask questions. Dr. Kaklamani encouraged patient initiative on identifying clinical trials and validated being proactive!!!! -Anonymous patient living with metastatic breast cancer

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