Understanding the Relationship Between Estrogen and Uterine Cancer

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Estrogen can play a role in uterine cancer in a number of ways. Many uterine cancer tumor types are considered to be hormonally driven, especially endometrioid tumors. Obesity is a strong risk factor as it increases and produces additional estrogen levels in our bodies. Uterine cancer treatments are evolving, and today experts can treat estrogen related uterine cancers with some of the same therapies used to treat breast and ovarian cancer. Join Dr. Kristen Zeligs, Gynecologic Oncologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital, as she discusses these and other links between estrogen and uterine cancer. She will also review the latest treatment information as well as risk reduction strategies.

Dr. Kristen Zeligs, Gynecologic Oncologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital


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Tuesday, 3-4pm ET
Feb 7

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