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SHARE is a great resource for information about breast and ovarian cancer, particularly patients' experiences with these diseases. We can connect you with survivors who are happy to tell their stories. Our goal is to raise public awareness and knowledge about these diseases and the impact they have on people's lives.

For media inquiries, contact: Melissa Sakow, Communications Director, at (212) 937-5573.

Recent Press Releases

SHARE Receives A $50,000 Grant from the Avon Foundation for Women and Pfizer to Support Patients Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer (October 13, 2016)

NYC’s Premier Women Chefs Gather to Support SHARE and Help Women with Breast and Ovarian Cancers on 9/19 (August 19, 2016). See the complete press kit for A Second Helping of Life.

Nonprofit SHARE Celebrates 40 Years of Serving Women Facing Breast and Ovarian Cancers with "Live, Laugh, Lunch" Event on March 15, 2016 (February 17, 2016). See the complete press kit for SHARE's 40th Anniversary.

SHARE in the News

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