Support Groups


For the time being, SHARE will shift our usual in-person support groups to conference call dial-in options and/or videoconferencing. This means that instead of meeting in-person, both participants and facilitators can call in via a toll-free number or videoconference during the time of your regular group. For more information, please call our Helpline at 844-ASK-SHARE.

Each SHARE support group is a low-pressure, empowering opportunity to exchange experiences, information, and care with women who understand what you're going through-- to hear and be heard. Research shows that women with a strong community of support have better health outcomes. Our cancer support groups are led by trained peers who have been where you've been, and they cover a variety of different experiences and themes, so you can get the help that's right for you.

Breast Cancer Support Groups

Ovarian Cancer Support Groups

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