Metastatic Breast Cancer

Podcast Spotlight: Our BC Life and Our MBC Life

Our MBC Life Continues to Flourish in its Third Year

Lisa Laudico developed her vision for Our MBC Life just as the COVID pandemic began to take hold across the country. Lisa, a metastatic patient herself,  wanted to give others who face metastatic breast cancer the chance to build a community through a new podcast.

My Life with Mets by Shannon Etzel

In April 2016, when I was in my late 30’s, I heard those words that no one wants to hear.…”you have cancer”. My whole world was turned upside down, but I was determined to do everything I could to beat it. I had invasive ductal carcinoma stage 3 grade 3 with lymph nodes involved and I was triple positive.

New Breast Cancer Brain Mets Support Group – Facilitator: Lianne Kraemer

In 2016, I discovered that my early-stage breast cancer had not only metastasized but had left 12 tumors scattered across my brain. The image of my brain MRI, with small white circular spots dispersed amongst the tissue took my breath away. While two years prior, news of my early-stage diagnosis had reduced me to a puddle of tears, the revelation that my brain was now invaded by cancerous tumors left me speechless.

Stage 4 Is Not the End by Noshin Saloojee

To All The Beautiful Cancer Community,

“It’s Breast Cancer”. These are words no one wants to hear, let alone at 29 years old.

October 2020 is when it all started, ironically being Breast Cancer Awareness month. I felt a lump. It was in my right breast, a hard and very obvious lump.

Spotlight On: SHARE’s African American Program

What did the African American program look like in its early days? 

Dominique: This program was created with the knowledge that women of color are under-represented in the medical field. Because of LatinaSHARE and their successful model, the door was open for us to create a program that addressed the needs of Black women.

Ambassador Spotlight: Kareen Lambert

Tell us about your cancer experience 

I have experienced all aspects of cancer as part of my career, volunteerism, advocacy for myself and others, and most importantly as a survivor. I have no regrets about my journey with cancer because it is my belief that it defines my purpose in life.

SHARE is Here for You

Our lives have changed so much in the weeks since the coronavirus pandemic emerged. But some things remain the same. SHARE is here for you, no matter your situation.

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